Eagle River:

Newly formed Eagle River Table Tennis Club is now offical!  Formerly locals would play at a private residence in Eagle River.  Now players can come out and enjoy the spacious area at the Harry McDonald Memorial Sports Center, AKA The MAC, 13701 Harry McDonald Road, Eagle River, AK 99577.  Join us in the Community Room with 3 tables.  Balls and Rackets provided or bring your own.  All Skills Welcome! For more information contact: Zachary Johns, (907)440-7334, zcjohn2012@gmail.com.  See news for tournaments and sessions.  Currently meeting Sunday afternoons from 4-7PM.  



The Alaska Table Tennis Club meets weekly and host tournaments at the O'Malley Sports Pavilion, 11051 South Centre Dr.  AKA: 11051 O'Malley Centre Dr.(click for Google Steetview) located at South East corner of O'Malley Road & Old Seward Hwy, behind the Alaska Club South.  SEE the Calendar for full schedule, dates & times. AND 

contact: Karl Augestad (907)360-4276, email: akttclub@gmail.com  

(4 tables) Great lighting, high ceiling, beautiful wood floor and sometimes can be a bit loud with the new Trampoline Park, basketball & volleyball on other courts.

Reconfirm DROP IN TIMES AND DATES HERE:  O'Malley Sports website. 

Public places to play with TT tables: Minnesota Billiards, UAA Campus, Beluga Billiards, Spenard Rec Center, Arctic Oasis Elmendorf JBER and more.  Know of a place in Anchorage let me know.


Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis FITT UAF Patty Center Gym & Woods Center.  Times and dates vary often Tues, Thurs and Sun.  Check here for current calendar.  Contact: Diann Darnall, diann.darnall@gmail.com    http://fitt-club.net/

(6 tables) wood floor, great lighting, high ceiling gymnasium, quite



Juneau TT Club AEL & P Power Plant facility.  Contact Tim or Bob for directions & invitation to play.  See photos of Juneau TTC.  Contact: Tim McLeod, tim.mcleod@aelp.com, Bob Janes, bob.janes@alaska.gov for more information  

(2 tables) cement floor, good lighting, warehouse space


Eagle River:

Eagle River players are in need of a new place to play Table Tennis.  Alaska has lost a great Coach, Father, Grandfather, Husband, mentor and Anchorage table tennis club founder Boyd Bennett in 2016.  Alaska's first Hall of Fame inductee, former Arctic Winter Games Gold Ulu athlete from 1970 and multi year AWG coach. For generations Boyd and Shirley Bennett opened their private residence to gather and play table tennis in their "parlor" above their garage.  Some increadiable moments with top Alaskan players and guests.  Contact Karl Augestad at akttclub@gmail.com if you have a reccomendation for a facility, building, home, warehouse, garage or gym to host 2 of AKTTC tables.  

(2 tables) wood simulated floor, 12' behind each end, low ceiling toward back, great training area


Kenai and Soldotna:

Local recreation center on their racket ball court, Wednesdays 7-9PM.  Kenai/Soldotna is where Alaska's best sport fishing can be found in the Kenia River.  contact Ron Levy, rlphoto@gci.net or (907)252-6931.

(2 tables) more information pending



Local school location.  Arts, food, great people and the Halibut Fishing capital of the world.  Contact Gary Gao, chessjaws@yahoo.com  

(6 tables)  news: http://www.cityofhomer-ak.gov/recreation/table-tennis


Phone numbers available on request.  Contact Karl Augestad, akttclub@gmail.com