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2015 Alaskans participating in the Seattle Open on August 22-23 in Bellevue. Karl Augestad, Mike Mann, Kyle Yan, Chidi Nwokorie, Zachary John and Johann Dohan

GIANT ROUND ROBIN Singles Table Tennis  Tournament set for Sat. Sept. 26th from 9AM to 3PM.  PLUS Arctic Winter Games TEAM ALASKA Tryouts & Single Elimination Doubles. 


  • Giant Round Robin Singles 9AM to 1:30PM
  • Arctic Winter Games Juniors & Juveniles male & female Tryouts 1PM-3PM
  • Single Elimination Doubles from 1:45-3PM (time permitting)

 Location: AT & T Sports Pavilion, Anchorage, Alaska. GIANT RR ENTRIES LIMITED TO 20 players!!!!!  No Limit to Arctic Winter Games Team Tryouts.  


 Interested in Entering the GIANT ROUND ROBIN email Karl Augestad at or text: 907-360-4276.

Effective 8/15/15 the DROP IN SESSIONS at AT & T Sports Pavilion have been suspended. The ATTSP Facility will be CLOSED for court refinishing from Aug. 15 to Sept. 13, 2015.

Mike Mann serves it up.As the ATTSP is under new management and undergoing a policy change.  This will effect future availability for our table tennis club to meet at this facility.  If you want to play August 26-Sept 26th LET ME KNOW so we can consider some locations and dates to play some pong.  

All sport drop-in sessions have been dropped at the ATTSP.   

Please check back or call Karl Augestad at (907)360-4276 for more information.  

On August 22-23, 2015 "The Alaskan Six" will be entering the Seattle Open in Bellevue, WA.  A four star USATT sanctioned tournament sponsored by Butterfly North America and Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club featuring 20 various divisions in singles and doubles.  
Alaskans participating are: Kyle Yan, 26 USATT rating 2018, Karl Augestad, 56 rating 1807, Chidi Nwokori, 46 rating 1772, Mike Mann, 48 rating 888, JohannDonath, 27 rating 658, Zackary John, 22, unrated, (estimated 1100).  Events Alaskans will be competing in will include U1250, U1400, U1550, U1700, U1850, U2000, U2150, U2300, U2450 & Open Singles,  Plus U4200 & Open Doubles.  We estimate 200-300 participants from Canada, WA, OR, CA, AK and other nearby states.  The Six are training 4-5 days a week at various private parlors, ATTSP and homes since early July.  

The ALASKAN ASSASSINS will be represented again at the 2015 NATT Teams in Washington, DC.  This year there will be 2 new members, Jimmy Gao and Chidi Nwokorie.  Not new to competition but first time participants in the NATT Teams.  The Teams is a great event featuring 150+ tables in one large convention center.  A huge round robin preliminary format allowing all team players plenty of matches over the 3 days in November 2015.