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DROP IN SESSIONS at Paul Elliott and Kyle Yan battle in the Open Singles finals in the March 2015 Tournament

AT & T Sports Pavilion:  SEE CALENDAR tab

Practice and Drop-in sessions.  All skill levels welcome.    Paddles, balls, tables, nets and barriers provided.  Cost $7. per session.

  • UPDATE: Sun. May 24th @ 6-10PM
  • Tues. May 26th @ 8-10PM
  • Thur. May 28th @ 8:30-10:45P
  • Tues. June 2 @ 8-11PM
  • Thurs. June 4th @ 8-11P
  • Wed. June 10th @ 8:30-11:30P
  • Fri. June 12th @ 8-11PM
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    Adult Open Gym Times" to CONFIRM times below have updated or changed.

    The Spring Open Tournament (Originally set for 5/29-5/30/15) Has been POSTPONED until OCTOBER 2015.

    The Alaskan Assassins Only 153 tables in the spacious venue at the Gaylord Resort in Washington D.C.  finished 3rd in the Division 8A pool at at the NATT Teams in Washington, D.C.   Just missing the semi finals in a 2 way tie for 2nd in our pool with a good 5-2 team record in the pool of 8 teams.  See the results HERE  Check the 2014 JOOLA NA TEAMS in the preliminary Group 2 and Division 8 sections to see the Alaskan Assassins individual match scores.
    The team started in division 6 on the first day of preliminary cross-over matches.  Struggling the first day with a disappointing 0-4 team record facing some strong teams above and below our team ratings with players featuring unusual shots and experience.  Karl Augestad, Andy Hutzel, Kyle Yan, Hannoch Marksheld, Robert Hodgson

    Alaskans: Andrew Hutzel, Karl Augestad, Kyle Yan were joined by Robert Hodgson and Hannoch Marksheld.  Kyle Yan finished with an impressive 17-5 (win-loss) record with 3 wins over players 100 points over his rating.  So he should get rewarded with an big bump in his USATT rating soon.  Karl was challenged with early round loses against some young and experienced players and finished with a 9-10 record.  
    An observation I made about many of the opponents I faced was "you can not judge a book by it's cover".  As the mental part of this sport comes in to play when your mind, confidence and skills get challenged by how you respond to new adversities.  Big events like this is another chance to gain experience by traveling to tournaments out-of-Alaska to see players of similar skill ratings but offering skillful methods of returning and defending.  One round it seems my game was sound then next round it is truly tested with an adaptation to effective offensive coming from the opponent.  Then during breaks between games coming to the aid of our teammate is advice and observations of means to step it up.  Something that we don't practice or have the opportunity when practicing against the same players locally.  One thing is containing unforced errors and NOT second guessing when involved in a rally.  Fundamental skills come in to play with a reinforcement of strong skill development.

    Watch the Semi and Finals on YOU TUBE:
    You Tube Joola USA
    Alaskan Assassins attending the North American Teams Table Tennis Tournament November 27-30, 2014 in Washington, D.C.
    Tournament Results:



    RE-CHECK DATES & TIMES (CLICK HERE)  O'Malley Sports Facility Website "
    Adult Open Gym Times" to CONFIRM times below have updated or changed.

    FULL ALASKA TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE HERE Anchorage, Fairbanks and Elsewhere Alaskans will be entering.

    Vang vs. Gil during the Fall 2013 Tournament at ATTSP



    Linda (Boyd's Daughter) and Boyd Bennett the birthday boy

    Long time Alaskan Table Tennis Coach, Boyd Bennett turns 85 year old.  See UPDATED MORE PHOTOS here of Birthday celebration in Eagle River on Sat. Sept. 14th.  Family and friends gave tribute to the founder of the Anchorage Table Tennis club from 1970 to the early 80's.  Present were Boyd's wife, Shirley, daughter Linda, grandson Brant, Andy Hutzel, Kyle Yan, Paul Elliott and Karl Augestad.  His seed set the foundation to growth of table tennis in Alaska.  He is Alaska's first inductee in the Alaska Table Tennis Hall of Fame!  He was a GOLD Ulu winner in men's singles in 1970 and former Alaska Open Singles Champion.  Played over seas in the Europe and in the military.  His back hand flick was feared by all agles.  See a neat interview back in 2012 by Karl Augestad at the "Parlor" above his garage!  (VIDEO INTERVIEW CLICK HERE)

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    Anchorage Park Foundation 1st Annual Ping Pong Tournament 

    Thanks to the Anchorage Park Foundation for hosting the first annual Minnesota Park Outdoor Ping Pong Rain or Shine the event went on. Splashy play back and forth with plenty of close matchups. Tournament on Monday August 19, 2013.  Held to celebrate the new concrete ping pong table at (you guessed it) Minnesota Park on (you guessed it) Minnesota Drive.  In a "Final Four" type bracket 32 players braved the elements to play not only against their opponent, but also against Mother Nature.  RAIN!  Yes it was wet but fun.

    Several subsitutes filled for no-show players.  Plenty of players showed up to fill the wet shoes.  Including Paul Elliott from the AKTTC.  The first round of matches took just over an hour with a single game to 11 point, serving rotation every 2 points and swapping sides at the first to 5 points.  See the PHOTOS and FINAL RESULTS HERE  

    1st Annual Minnesota Park Ping Pong Champion, Karl Augestad

    Steel net, wet and yet still lots of fun

    Informative and fun Table Tennis VIDEOS  Henry is a traveler who loves the game. Oregon, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Utah, Washington he loves to play. Suggested by Henry Blankenship.  Longtime friend of Alaskan, Andy Hutzel.  Partners in their World Record Table Tennis Endurance many years ago.

    The fight against Alzheimer’s with table tennis: 

    Video of step by step way "How it is Made" Nittaku Table Tennis Balls:

    Alaska Yukon Challenge  set for May 10 & 11, 2013 at the AT & T Sports Pavilion. Team and Singles events with $1000. in Prize Money & Trophies.  Thakns to Whitehorse Sponsor: Mega Reporting, Inc.,

    Jimmy Gao & Chidi N., Open Team Champions, $200 for 1st place in the 2013 Alaska Yukon Challenge

    Mark Weissler & Cade Loving, Novice Team Champs, AK-Yukon Challenge 2013 big break in activity at the AT & T Sports Pavilion as the venue gets a NEW WOOD FLOOR.  Activity resumes September 15th and later.



    Support Alaska Table Tennis buy a Flaming Snowball Salmon Table Tennis Trading pin limited edition Alaska Trading Pin.  

    On SALE! $6.50.  Regularly $7.50 and includes postage to USA addresses.  (CLICK HERE TO ORDER) Questions or information needed Contact: Karl Autestad at, or call 907-3604276.

    Design features ALASKA SALMON on top of a flaming snowball, Alaska Flag of the 8 stars of gold on a field of blue on the paddle, large size is 2" x 2".  Pin lapel back. 


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