Open House at THE CENTER, Sunday August 12, 2018 at 3-6PM.  See the First Class Facility featuring Sports Groups, Classes and activites.  Get a tour of the meeting rooms and Gym courts. Join the Table Tennis Club for skills demo, trick shots, open play and hit a few balls.  Located at 4855 Arctic Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503. Text Karl Augestad (907)360-4276 to join the fun, or just show up.  

See what The Center has to offer the community of Anchorage

Join us to play Table Tennis drop-in sessions offered Sundays and Wednesdays at locations in Anchorage.   See CALENDAR

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More information and quesitons call: Karl Augestad (907)360-4276 or email:

October thru December 2018.  Winter Training & Fun Leagues at The Center starting approximately October 8, 2018.  Enjoy 8 sessions over a 10 week season.  Sign up required with minimum of 12 participants and a 24 players maximum.  These fun and exciting sessions held weekly for 2 hours. Improve your game and meet new players. Proposed days will be MONDAYS from 6:30P to 8:30PM or Tuesdays 7-9PM, (Still awaiting confirmed availability). The Center is located at 4855 Arctic Blvd.

Weekly league sessions will feature various themes: Multi-ball Training, Skill Singles, High & Doubles, Handicap scoring singles, Hard Bat singles, Big Ball (44mm) Singles and group training sessions.  All skill levels welcome.  League seasion cost is $149.  Reservations accepted now with a $40 retainer. Contact Karl Augestad at (907)360-4276 to secure you spot. Individual drop in sessions limited to availability for $25/session.      Join us for this 8 session league for all skill levels. 

 The Arctic Winter Games was held March 18-24, 2018 in South Slave, Fort Smith NWT Canada.  

Table Tennis Team Alaska traveled with hundreds of Alaskan athletes, coaches, officials and mission staff for 9 days.  Representing Alaska was: Juvenile females: Paige Adams (Juneau) and Sophia Green (Anchorage).  Juvenile males: Aaron Griffen (Anchorage) and JD "James" Lincoln (Anchorage).  Junior male: Elijah Kim (Anchorage) and coaches Gretchen Wehmhoff and Karl Augestad.  

Join us to play Table Tennis during the open play DROP-IN WEEKLY SESSIONS.  (Sun, Tues, Thurs & Sat.) Click on calendar ABOVE for times, dates and locations. 

Come join us for drop-in table tennis at the O'Malley Sports Center, 11051 O'Malley Centre Dr., 99515, cost is $7.

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Alaska Yukon Challenge 2017, Fairbanks, AK Results and Article CLICK HERE)

Participants in the Alaska Yukon challenge, Only 3 South Central players participated among the 30 total players.

Winter Giant Round Robin Tournament 

The GRRTTT was a great event with 19 participants in various skill groups.  The 5 premin pools were competitive with a few surprises but not total upsets.  As many in this event were unseeded and unknow skill levels.  Proving sucessful practice play does not result in great tourney play.  With Alaskan players from Wasilla, Eagle River, Seward, Anchorage and JBER.  Featured on 9 tables action was tough with a couple of matches decided in the 5th game to determine the 1st place in the A division and 2nd in the B division.  Great fun for all.    


 Playoffs, A & B division, tables #1-4, Part 1 of 3 on YouTube

 YouTube Pt1 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube Pt 2 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube Pt 3 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube FINALS A Division, Karl Augesad vs. Scott Meredith

Results: D Singles

  1. JC Murray, ERTT club, Eagle River, AK, 3-0 record,
  2. Tim Carlson, JBER, Alaska, 2-1
  3. Yejoon Ha, Anchorage, AK, 1-2 
  4. Ben Clock, Tony's Tri Team, Seward, AK, 0-3 


C Singles

  1. Mark Weissler, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 4-0
  2. Paul Richards, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 3-1
  3. Buddy Boren North, Tony's Trio Team. Seward, AK, 2-2
  4. Victor Nealeigh, ERTTC, Chugiak, AK, 1-3
  5. Solmon D'Amico, Tony's Trio Team, Seward, AK, 0-4


B Singles 

  1. Dustin Jordan, ERTTC, JBER, AK 4-0
  2. Mike Mann, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 2-2
  3. Josh Kwon, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 2-2
  4. William Wood, Anch Korean Full Gospel church, 1-3
  5. Cade Loving, AKTTC, Bear Valley Anch, AK 1-3 


A Singles

  1. Karl Augestad, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 4-0
  2. Scott Meredith, Palmer, AK, 3-1
  3. Wade Wruck, Wasilla TTC, AK 2-2
  4. Ajit Chandragini, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 1-3
  5. Terry Jose, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 0-4


Jerry Smith Alaska HARDBAT Championships

Friday & Sat. April 7-8, 2017, 5-9PM & 10A-6PM Fairbanks, AK. Sponsored by Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis. Held at UAF Gym.  All competitors use HARDBAT paddles in Singles and Doubles.  More information contact: Diann Darnall (907)978-2388,                           ENTRY FORM HERE   club website:

Hardball Championships in Fairbanks, 2016,

Table Tennis Skill Clinic, March 4th was successful!   

Replay the Live STREAM of the Table Tennis Clinc on FACEBOOK (low bandwith connection during the live stream resulted in lower resolution of FB LIVE recording)   

 Beginner and intermediate players were introduced to footwork skills, stroke development, multi-ball drills, competition strategy and fun activites at this exhausting clinic. A 3 hour Video was produced for students to review their coaching instructions.  (Sample video soon)

Head Coach Karl Augestad, Mike Mann, Tony Lauderdale, Derrick Sander, Anton Villacorta, Mark Weissler, JC Murray, Victor Nealeigh (missing Ron Pollock), assistant coaches: Terry Jose, Martin Chvatal

Organized by coach Karl Augestad and 2 assistant club members, Terry Jose & Martin Chvatal exercised multiple drills to improve skills.  


Group photo from 2013 Alaska Yukon Challenge. June 10-11, 2016 at AT & T Sports Pavilion

aka: Yukon Alaska Challenge!  Friday & Saturday June 10-11, 2016 at the O'Malley Sports Center, AKA: (AT & T Sports Pavilion) in Anchorage, AK.  $1400 in cash prizes!  

 Events: Open Singles, Novice Singles, Open Team and Novice Team events.   

See entry form for more infomation and details.


Singles and Doubles handicap scoring for all skill levels.  In 2016 the AYC is celebrating 40 years from the first Alaska & Yukon fellowship exchange in 1976!


 Check out Outdoor Ping Pong Tables


Jerry Smith Hardbat Championship Results and StoryExciting action at the Jerry Smith Hardbat Championships

Hardbat Table Tennis continues to grow in Fairbanks as twenty-six players challenged each other at recent the Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championships held April 8-9 at the UAF Patty Center.  Top players from Anchorage and Eagle River joined the Fairbanks and North Pole players in five different events.  


(Updated 6/29/16) 

Thurs. June 30 @ 8:30-10:30PM @ ATTSP AT & T Sports Pavilion, 11051 O'Malley Centre Dr. (behind the Alaska Club South) 

 Tues. July 5 @ 8-9PM, 4 tables @ ATTSP

Mon. July 11 @ 7-9PM @ THE DOME The Dome, Changepoint Dr.

Thur. July 16 @ 8:30-10:30P

 Session fee is $7. Challenge Matches or Practice up to 4 tables.  See CALENDAR HERE



Alaskan Assassins 2015 Karl Augestad, Chidi Nwokorie, Kyle Yan and Jimmy Gao
The ALASKAN ASSASSINS were represented at the 2015 NATT Teams in Washington, DC Nov. 27-29.  The team finishing 7-4 overall.  And placed tied for 2nd in the pool A but ended up 4th with the results of the tiebreaker.  This year the Alaskans faces some strong players on the opening cross over day.  Starting with Jimmy Gao TWICE winning in the 9th match in the best 5 out of 9 TIE win, first against the ATU Local 113 Thunder from Ontario Canada and later against Guyana Team 1 in the final match of the day.  Finishing off 2-2 in day one the crew stayed in division 5 for the next phase of the Round Robin pool A with 8 strong teams.  
Seeded #6 in Division 5 the Alaskan Assassins faced strong opponents from NY, NJ, GA, Iran and Puerto Rico.  A full variety of male, female, young, old, penhold, pips and solidly trained players. This second day was Karl Augestad's turn to pull out the 9th match win TWICE.  Including when the team was down 1-4 with a sweep of the last 4 matches to pull out a 5-4 victory against a steady NCTTA A team.
The last day proved to be the most challenging facing a young team, Nison's TTC from Brooklyn, New York.  Tied for first with the Alaskan Assassins, the team knew this was the most important match. Chidi and Kyle came out strong with early victories giving the team a 2-1 lead in match play.  Karl struggled with the players tricky servces and 3rd and 4th ball attack.  Klye pulled out a late win to offer a 3-4 position but Chidi faced the toughest challenge coping with mental frustration and aggressive play of Eric Amstislavskiy.  A tricky penhold player with fearless flips and loops from both wings.  One match short of the moving forward with a 3-5 loss to the eventual division champion.
Overall the team had a great experience and look forward to 2016
Video here at USATT on YOU TUBE
March 6-11, 2016 in Nuuk Greenland.  Team Alaska is providing 12 junior and juvenile players to compete for gold, silver and bronze ulus.