Updated 9/20/18

Giant Round Robin TT Toruney

 Playoffs, A & B division, tables #1-4, Part 1 of 3 on YouTube

 YouTube Pt1 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube Pt 2 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube Pt 3 of 3, A & B Pools Playoffs

YouTube FINALS A Division, Karl Augesad vs. Scott Meredith

Results: D Singles

  1. JC Murray, ERTT club, Eagle River, AK, 3-0 record,
  2. Tim Carlson, JBER, Alaska, 2-1
  3. Yejoon Ha, Anchorage, AK, 1-2 
  4. Ben Clock, Tony's Tri Team, Seward, AK, 0-3 


C Singles

  1. Mark Weissler, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 4-0
  2. Paul Richards, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 3-1
  3. Buddy Boren North, Tony's Trio Team. Seward, AK, 2-2
  4. Victor Nealeigh, ERTTC, Chugiak, AK, 1-3
  5. Solmon D'Amico, Tony's Trio Team, Seward, AK, 0-4


B Singles 

  1. Dustin Jordan, ERTTC, JBER, AK 4-0
  2. Mike Mann, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 2-2
  3. Josh Kwon, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 2-2
  4. William Wood, Anch Korean Full Gospel church, 1-3
  5. Cade Loving, AKTTC, Bear Valley Anch, AK 1-3 


A Singles

  1. Karl Augestad, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK, 4-0 
  2. Scott Meredith, Palmer, AK, 3-1
  3. Wade Wruck, Wasilla TTC, AK 2-2
  4. Ajit Chandragini, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 1-3
  5. Terry Jose, AKTTC, Anchorage, AK 0-4



Open House at THE CENTER, Sunday August 12, 2018 at 3-6PM.  See the First Class Facility featuring Sports Groups, Classes and activites.  Get a tour of the meeting rooms and Gym courts. Join the Table Tennis Club for skills demo, trick shots, open play and hit a few balls.  Located at 4855 Arctic Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99503. Text Karl Augestad (907)360-4276 to join the fun, or just show up.  

See what The Center has to offer the community of Anchorage

Alaska Yukon Challenge Table Tennis tournament set for June 15-16, 2018in Dawson City, Yukon Canada.  

Alaska Yukon Challenge from 2011 in Fairbanks!! A SUPER event with Singles and Team events in NOVICE under 1000 rating and OPEN for players above 1000-2100 skill levels.  Entry form: Fee is $25/Canadian for singles and $25/per Team player.  Team event is 4 singles and 1 doubles matches per team tie.  Round Robin format allows multiple matches.  The 'Challenge" is this is a Handicap format.  Allowing lower skilled players in each division a fighting change.  

Blast from the Past, Anchorage hosts 2010 Alaska Yukon Challenge See entry form for details. Hosted by Dawson City Table Tennis.  Sponsored by: Mega Reporting, Dawson Table Tennis, Whitehorse Table Tennis, Alaska Table Tennis, Ryans Woodworking.  Cash Prizes for all divisons.  

 All skills welcome. Challenge matches, practice, drills and fun. Come join us.  

DUE TO LOW attendance on sessions after 9PM, we will be eliminating the late start times Sun-Thur.   


June 10-11, 2016, O'Malley Sports Center

Forty players from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Whitehorse and Dawson, Yukon participated in the 2016 Alaska Yukon Challenge on June 10-11, 2016 in Anchorage, Alaska.  With a strong 16 member contingent from Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis and 10 players from Whitehorse & Dawson City, Yukon Canada and the remaining 14 players representing the Alaska Table Tennis Club in Anchorage.  

Singles events played out Friday night.  The U1000 Singles (formerly know as Novice) consisted of 17 athletes blended in 4 pools of 4 and 5  players in round robin play.  Advancing to the playoffs were top 2 finishers from each pool:  Ethan Gaw (Yukon), Craig Prtyka (FITT), Dylan Bruce (AKTTC), Aporn Stein (FITT), Michael Bruce (AKTTC), Nico Kayser (FITT), Herb Sivitz (AKTTC) and Michael Bruce (AKTTC).  See final results below.

In Open Singles 22 athletes competed in 6 pools of 3 and 4 players.  With the top 2 advancing to the single elimination playoffs.  Advancing was Rendy Tan (AKTTC), Chidi Nworkorie (AKTTC), Dave DeMay (FITT), Diann Darnall (FITT), Daniel Li (Yukon), Tarus Yurkin (Yukon), Andrew Kim (AKTTC), Johan Dohan (AKTTC), Scott Harris (AKTTC), Terry Slocum (FITT), Mark Weissler (AKTTC) and Moses Lan (CA)

Results: (partial results, completed shortly, reconfirming data)

U1000 Singles:  Finals: Ethan Gaw over Dylan Bruce, 11-5, 11-6 with Ethan starting with -5 handicap)

  1. Ethan Gaw (Yukon)
  2. Dylan Bruce (AKTTC)    
  3. Grace Anne Janssen (Yukon) and  3. Craig Partyka (FITT) 

Open Singles: Finals: Dave DeMay over Chidi Nworkorie 11-4, 11-3 with Chidi starting with -11 handicap)

  1. Dave DeMay (FITT)
  2. Chidi Nworkorie (AKTTC)
  3. Terry Slocum (FITT)  and    3. Daniel Li (Yukon) 

U1000 Teams: Finals: King Pong over The Dawsons 3 matches to 2.

  1. King Pong (Michael Bruce and Herb Sivitz) (AKTTC)
  2. The Dawsons (Ethan Gaw and Gerald Parsons) (Yukon)
  3. Capp On (Aporn Stein and CArol Johnson) (FITT)   and    3. Unicorns (Ming Haung and Kate Crocker) (Yukon)

 Open Teams: Finals: Rendy and Chidi over Cinnamon Twins 2 matches to 1.  Abbreviated to best 2 of 3 matches due to time limits. 

  1. Rendy and Chidi (Rendy Tan and Chidi Nworkorie) AKTTC
  2. Cinnamon Twins (Ryan Bachi and Taras Yurkin) Yukon,
  3. AK Spin Masters (David DeMay and Scott Kennedy) FITT,  and   3. Pong Bros (Andrew Persen and Terry Slocum) 

Events in Novice & Open Singles, Open & Novice Team events.  10 tables, Exciting action from Friday 6P-10PM, Sat. 10AM to 8PM,  

Alaska Yukon Challenge 2016 (Information and ENTRY FORM HERE) 


Neat Article on LONG PIPS: (click Here) 

How Long Pimples Really Work! A great article with animation.  Written by Greg Letts.  Known as contributor to About.com on table tennis for years.  See his home page at http://www.gregsttpages.com

Drop-in Sessions in Anchorage:  Challenge matches, open play and round robin groups, All skill levels welcome.  Visiting Alaska? call/text/email Karl Augestad (907)360-4276, akttclub@gmail.com, and let us know when you are interested in joining us.  Players come from all countries, states and continents come to Alaska to play table tennis.


Anchorage TABLE TENNIS EXHIBITION and open play for all levels.  Demo at 8:30PM with open play from 7:30-11:30PM at AT & T Sports Pavilion, 11051 O'Malley Center Dr.  Demo starts at 8:30PM and is free to the public.  Witness skills demo, trick shots, smashing. lobbing and exciting play.  If you want to play, join the "drop-in" session from 7:30-11:30PM for $7.  Text or call Karl Augestad at 907-360-4276 to secure your spot.  We have room for 40 players with 14 spots left on the 8010 tables that evening.  .  

Robert Roberts and Will Shortz visiting Alaska June 5-11, 2013

That is what our visitors will be doing in June while seeing the "Last Frontier".  Come out and watch the Table Tennis Exhibition Thursday June 6, 2013 from 8PM-10PM in Anchorage.  Open exhibition/demo free to spectators.  But you can play on one of the 10 tables open that evening.  Open Drop-in practice from 7:30-11:30PM for all who want to playand or challenge our vistors, reg. club fee of $7, limited to 40 players maximum.  Members of the Alaska Table Tennis Club will join Will Shortz (NY Times Crossword Puzzle Editor & NPR Puzzle master) and Robert Roberts (Top 20 rated player in New York, USATT rated 2514 & 3 time Caribbean champion) in an exhibition of skill, trick shots and education on the sport of Table Tennis.  Will Shortz is visting Alaska as the last of the 50 states to play table tennis!  We are honored he has chosen the best state for last.   Sponsored by www.gadling.com he and Robert will visit various towns to play a different location each day.  Challenge the local club members and learn from them the history of the game and why we love the game.  See Schedule below.  

Free Exhibition and viewing for spectators.  Attendees who want to play then regular nightly club fees apply.  

Alaska...we have a visitor!  Check out the video "Double Happiness" featuring Will Shortz and Robert Roberts from New York who will travel to Alaska this summer June 4-11, 2013 to play at a different club or town every day.  Watch this great video by Dewi Cooke a Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, 2011.

Wed., June 5 -- Juneau at a junior high school, 6-9pm.  Contact Bob Janes, bob.janes@alaska.gov

Thu. June 6 -- Anchorage AT&T Sports Paviliion, 11051 O'Malley Centre Dr. @ 7:30-11:30PM, 8-10 tables, contact: Karl Augestad, akttclub@gmail.com, (907)360-4276

Fri. June 7 -- Homer: Homer High School, Seward Hwy 5-8PM, contact: Gary Gao: chessjaws@yahoo.com, (425)495-2005

Sat. June 8 -- Soldotna Elks Lodge, Noon-3pm, Free, 2-3 tables, 44640 Parkway Ave  Soldotna, AK 99669, Matt (907)398-3563, 

Sun. June 9 -- Eagle River home of Boyd & Shirley Bennett, 2 tables, 11AM to 2PM or TBD. Contact: Karl Augestad, 907-360-4276  

Mon & Tues. June 10 & 11 -- Fairbanks University of Alaska Fairbanks' gym, Monday and Tuesday nights, Contact: Diann Darnall 

Alaska...we have a visitor!  Check out the video "Double Happiness" featuring Will Shortz and Robert Roberts from New York who will travel to Alaska this summer June 4-11, 2013 to play at a different club or town every day.  Watch this great video by Dewi Cooke a Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, 2011.

Alaska Yukon Challenge

May 10 & 11, 2013, At & T Sports Pavilion Anchorage, AlaskaAlaska Yukon Challenge day 2 group

Final Results:

Novice Singles:   1. Grace-Anne Jansen (Y), 2. Father Luz Flores (A), 3. Aporn Stein (F), 4. Aaron Densmore (A)

Open Singles:   1. Chidi Nwokorie (A), 2. Karl Augestad (A), 3. Ryan Bachli (Y), 4. Mike Mann (A)

Novice Team: 1. Lonesome (A), 2. Defending Rajabs (Y), 3. Aurora Borealis (YA), 4. Grace Under Pressure (Y)

Open Team: 1. Arctic Pong (A), 2. Lovely Dragons (F), 3. Dave & Paul (EA), 4. The Divine Comedy

Jerry Smith "Spirit of the Game" Sportsman Award: Rajab Family: Zainab, Abed, Hassan and Haider Rajab 

Novice Teams:  Aurora Borealis (YA)- Aporn Stein and Bill Cotton    Defending Rajabs (Y)- Abed and Hassan Rajabs     Grace Under Pressure (Y)- Grace-Anne Jansen and Ashley Harris     Lonesome (A)- Cade Loving and Mark Weissler   

Open Teams: Arctic Pong (AH)- Jimmy Gao and Chidi Nworkorie, Arctic Spin Specialist (EA)- Karl Augestad and Andy Hutzel,   Dave & Paul- Dave DeMay and Paul Elliott,   Dragon Butterflies (Y)- Ryan Bachli and Kyle Gonder,   Hi Ji Won (A)-Andrew Kim and Matthew Cortez,   Lovely Dragons (F)- Bill Chen and Diann Darnall and Terry Slocum,    The Divine Comedy (F)- Eric Carvalho and Stefan Kristi and Rick Robertson,    Team Tibhar (Y)- Kevin Murphy and Taras Yurkin and Haider Rajab

Clubs/Locations: A-Anchorage, Alaska TTC,  E-Eagle River,  F-Fairbanks Interior TT,  H-Homer, Y-Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada  

2010 Anchorage hosted the Alaska Yukon Challenge

Starting Friday 4PM to 10PM and Sat. 9AM- 5PM at the AT & T Sports Pavilion in Anchorage.  $1000 in prize money & trophies.  Special Thanks to Whitehorse Sponsor: Mega Reporting, Inc.

Players from Whitehorse, Yukon Canada and Alaska have been exchanging fellowship play since 1976. Events in Team, Open Singles & Novice Singles.   Handicap scoring matches allow closer ratings and match ups against competitors.

Spectators Welcome:


  • Fri. 5/10/13: Check in/practice 4PM
  • 5PM Novice Singles,   
  • 5:30PM Open Singles.
  • Sat. 5/11/13: Check in/warm up 9AM
  • 9:30AM: Team event prelim rounds 
  • 3PM: Playoffs Finals, 
  • 5PM: Awards


Breaking News: Live Table Tennis April 20-21, 2013 of No American Cup 

North American Cup, see the ITTF Live on You Tube  April 20 & 21, starting 12PM AST Sat.  Look for Alaskan Andy Hutzel in the crowd as he winds down his table tennis road trip with a ITTF event.  Held at the Westchester TTC, considered his top club along his journeys across the USA.  Read his latest BLOG POST as he prepares for the big event.  What great timing to be in the area of a World Cup Table Tennis event.  See top seeded American Ariel Hsing and Canadian Pierre-Luc Theriault.  Events in Men's & Women's, male and female Junior Hope Singles.  


  2013 College Table Tennis Championships VIDEOS, Rockford, IL.  Great matches!

Mike Mann serves it up. Can you read the spin on this serve?

See calendar updates for OPEN DROP-IN PRACTICE at AT&T Sports Pavilion, 11051 O'Malley Centre Dr.

See the CALENDAR (Click Here) Play days are now: Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays.



Andy on the road again 

UPDATED 4/17/13: Read Andy Hutzel's Blog... Adventures on the road... heading home to Alaska soon.  (PHOTOS HERE)

His 2 month journey across the USA in his VW Eurovan Andy visits table tennis clubs almost daily.Andy and Lilly Yip in New Jersey, April 2013 From the west coast to the east coast Andy drives, plays at new clubs, enters tournaments and visits new and old friends. 

(Read Andy's Blog HERE)



Chugiak HS PE class from AKTTC visit on April 10, 2013 with Kyle Yan, Paul Elliott, Todd Woodhouse and Karl Augestad.  PE Coaches Tom Huffer and Jon Schroder welcome the club to help educate the students on the finer points of the sport.  See photos from 2005 to the present.  AKTTC has visited clubs dating back to the early 90's.   Click here for PHOTOS