Friday April 14, 2017, Girdwood Paddle Battle, The fund raiser for Girdwood School students for trips to Washington DC and New York was a success with about 35 students and 18 adults entering.  LOOK for 2018 as this will be an annual event.  Silent auction, door prizes and cash prizes for top players.  Two divisions: 7th and 8th Graders started at 23:30 and ended about 6P.  Then at about 6:30PM the ADULTS started., Alaska Safety and AKTTC donated items and table tennis equipment. Club members Paul Richards, Karl Augestad and Chidi volunteered to help.

results: 13 yrs and under:

17 yrs and under: 

Adults: 18 & over: 1. Chidi Nworkie  2. Karl Augestad  3. Phu 

Girdwood Paddle Battle: Tournament, Fund Raiser for students,  ONLINE ENTRIES HERE 

Held at Girdwood school. Fund raiser for the 7th and 8th Graders trip to Washington DC with help from the Four Valleys Community Schools

Contact: Frans Weits for more info, 760-518-2856

Girdwood Paddle Battle: Tournament, Friday April 14, Fund Raiser for students, held at Girdwood school, 2 divisions: 3:15PM $15. (7th & 8th Graders) and 6PM $25. (Adults) ONLINE ENTRIES HERE 




Double Round Robin Event format, All skill levels & Ages.  LIMITED to 20 PLAYERS. First preliminary round will mix various level players in 4 or 5 pools of 4 players.  Then results will sort results in to 4 playoff groups so 1st place finishers will advance to A pool, 2nd place finishers in to B pool, Etc. So 4 playoff pools will gather athletes of similar skill level.  Cost $42/per person. All players will play 6-7 matches. Sign up SOON to secure your spot. Entry deadline EXTENDED to 4/10/17 at 10PM or when 16 players signed up or optional increase to 20 players if demad is great. Entries after 4/12/17 accepted based on space available and additional late fee.

Trophies for top 3 finishers in all 4 playoff divisionsCall or Email Karl Augestad for more information: (907)360-4276,

Update 4/10/17: 16 have signed up and paid.  Now wait list of 4 added players for a total of 20.  SIGN UP NOW, Contact Karl, text/call/FB messenger his number above.  

June 9-10, 2017, Alaska Yukon ChallengeUAF Gym Fairbanks, Alaska. Teams from Anchorage, Fairbanks and Yukon, Canada will compete in this unique handicap tournament. 

June or July 2017 (New date pending) Alaska Open Table Tennis Championships, The Center, on Arctic Blvd.

Larger single day tournament, 8 Various skill and age divisions.  6- Singles events: Men's Open, Women's Open, B, C, D & Juniors singles and 2-Doubles events: Open Doubles & B/C Doubles.  9AM-6PM, Warm-up & sign in by 9:15AM, Matches start at 9:30AM.  Friday night or Sat night before may be open for practice & event set up @ TBD time. (awaiting availability) 

B/C doubles is U2800* level combined & no player over 1700* level)  *USATT rating level.  If you do not have an official USATT or estimated AKTTC club rating, see Karl Augestad to establish a club rating.  

July, 2017 Summer Ping Pong Tournament (PROPOSED, awaiting approval) Bear Paw Festival Table Tennis Tournament in Eagle River, Alaska, Anyone interest?  Let me know who would come on out.  Contact: Zack Johns to EXPRESS your interest NOW.  

Sept. 2017 (PROPOSED) Fall Open Table Tennis Tournament, Anchorage.  Location may be The Center, O'Malley Sports Pavilion or TBD.  Opportunity for post summer activites play some competitive Table Tennis.

Nov. 2017(PROPOSED) Anchorage Open Tournament and Arctic Winter Games Team Tryouts 

Alaska International Senior Games: Fairbanks Alaska.  UAF Gym on August 19-20, 2017, Open to seniors 50 years and older.  Increments of 5 year groups in Male and Female.  Fun, festive event.   Contact Diann Darnall (907) 978-2388, for more information: WEBSITE:

October 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games, St. George, UT Alaskans likely attending from Fairbanks, Juneau and Anchorage.  50 Yrs and older in 5 year increment divisions.  Rating, Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles & Random Doubles.

Nov. 24-26, 2017 Washington D.C. NATT Teams: Featuring The Alaskan Assassins: (Proposed 2017 Team) Kyle Yan, Karl Augestad, Paul Elliott & Ken Leiu.   



Seattle Open, Alaskans attend Aug. 22-23, 2015

 On August 22-23, 2015 "The Alaskan Six" entered the Seattle Open in Bellevue, WA.  A four star USATT sanctioned tournament sponsored by Butterfly North America and Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club featuring 20 various divisions in singles and doubles.  It was a great event with exciting matches and long sessions each day.  

Alaskans participating are: Kyle Yan, 26, Karl Augestad, 56,Chidi Nwokori, 46, Mike Mann, 48, Johann Donath, 27, Zackary John, 22.  Events Alaskans competed in U1250, U1400, U1550, U1700, U1850, U2000, U2150, U2300, U2450 & Open Singles,  Plus U4200 & Open Doubles.  About 180 participants from Canada, WA, OR, CA, AK and other nearby states.

Results: Quarter Finalist 2300: Kyle Yan new rating 2099
Quarter Finalist U2000: Chidi Nwokori, new rating 1898
New USATT Rating for all players: Johann Donath, Zachary John, Karl Augestad and Mike Mann


Read New Blog Posting: Tournaments test mental and physical skills


UAA Table Tennis Tournament, Feb. 24, 2015.  20 participants competed in the open singles for the Winterfest TT tourney on Tues. Feb. 24th.  Help from the AKTTC members, Mike Mann, Mark Weissler and Karl Augestad assured the event went smoothly.  An excellent diversity of players from Sweden, Norway, Korea, China, Honduros, Thailand, South and North America. 


Champions Andrew Kim and finalist Ryan Royce at the UAA Student Union Hall 


RESULTS: 1. Andrew Kim, 2. Ryan Royce, 3. Emil Johannson, 4. Jacob Wingard

Quarterfinalist: Myung Jun Bae, Joshua Kwon, 


Sun. January 4, 2015: Double Round Robin Singles and Doubles Tournament Results:

Double Round Robin Singles and Doubles Tournament

PHOTOS (CLICK HERE) First round grouped a variety of skill levels in match play. With top 2 finalist in the 3 pools advancing to the the A division playoffs. Remainder shifted to B/C pool playoffs.

B and C division were combined to one large RR playoff division.

C Division Singles RR Playoffs 

  1. Erin Sivitz, 3-0, 3-3 overall
  2. Herb Sivitz, 2-1, 2-4 overall Random doubles allowed players with similar combined ratings to offer competitive matches. Everyone played 2-3 matches.
  3. Danelle Winn, 1-2
  4. Danette Weissler, 0-3

B Division Singles RR Playoffs

  1. Zackery John, 3-0, 6-0 overall
  2. Aaron Desmond, 2-1, 2-4 overallAporn Stein came from Fairbanks to join the action. Her great spirt and sportsmanship was evident in her supportive and coaching between matches.
  3. Aporn Stein 

A Division Singles RR Playoffs


  1. Kyle Yan,  5-0, $80. Cash prize
  2. Karl Augestad, 4-1, $50 Cash prize
  3. Kunto Winison, 3-2
  4. Paul Elliott, 2-3
  5. Dave DeMay, 1-4
  6. Mark Weissler, 0-5
Random Doubles:
1. Aaron Desmore/Zachery John (14-12, 11-4, 11-4)
2. Erin Sivitz/Dave DeMay 
3. Danelle Winn/Paul Elliott
3. Danette Weissler/Kyle Yan
Consolation Doubles:
1. Herb Sivitz/Kunto Wibisono (11-4, 11-3, 11-9)
2. Aporn Stein/Mark Weissler

 This tournament is a fun and exciting event for  participants to get plenty of matches against a wide range of skilled opponants.  Each player will receive 6 to 8 matches over the course of the 2 rounds of singles match play.  In this double Round Robin (RR) format 4 to 5 players will be placed in a series of RR preliminary pools. With each pool consisting of skilled players from novice to open level.  The results will place the first place finishers from each preliminary pool in Group A in the playoffs.  And the 2nd place in to Group B, 3rd to Group C, 4th place to Group D and the 5th place finisher to Group E.  Thus resulting in similar skill levels matched in close competitive action.  Top two finishers will be awarded cash prizes for A & B groups and trophies for C to E groups.  This double RR is limited to 25 players.  So sign up today.  Space is limited.  Entry Deadline is Friday Jan. 2nd at 11:59PM and events on Sunday Jan. 4th start at 9:55AM.  With practice and check-in from 9AM to 9:45AM.  See entry form form lots of additional information.  

ENTRY FORM HERE Limited to 25 participants, Cash prizes and Trophies. With special drop-in practice session for Sat. Jan. 3rd from 8-11PM.

* Alaska Yukon Challenge 2015 in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada, date likely in May 2015.  More info soon.

Alaska/Yukon ChallengeFairbanks, AK  Fri and Sat. May 9 & 10, 2014 RESULTS

Participants and volunteers in the 2014 Alaska Yukon Challenge in FairbanksThe Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis club hosted one of the best tournament in Alaska.  A well organized and attend tournament featuring the Alaska Yukon Challenge Team and Singles in Novice and Open divisions.  A unique handicap tournament hosted in rotation in Fairbanks, Whitehorse and Anchorage.  Next year in 2015 will be Whitehorse.

Thanks to sponsor Mega Reporting, Inc. from Whitehorse for the $1000 donation and the Alaska Table Tennis club in Anchorage for the $200 donation.

 PHOTOS Now posted !


Jerry Smith Spirt of the Game Award: Presented to Chirk Chu. Chirk Chu and Diann Darnall  Thanks to all your hard work and volunteer time to make this the best AYC ever!  As treasurer and co-tournament director Chirk was in many places and countless hours of work to make this a truley memoriable event.  From moving equipment, control desk, accounting and score recording.  Chirk sacraficed his play to help make the Alaska Yukon Challenge a truely memorable event.  Congratulations.

Novice Singles
1st Eric Partyka, Fairbanks (Finals score: Eric vs. Aporn: 11-9,Eric Partyka and Diann Darnall 10-12, 11-8)
2nd Aporn Stein, Fairbanks
3rd Tomas Brenner, Yukon
3rd Tyler Slechta, Fairbanks

Open Singles
1st  Karl Augestad, Anchorage (-2) (Finals score: 11-4, 13-11)

2nd Ryan Bachli, WhitehorseRyan Bachli and Karl Augestad

3rd Eric Carvalho, Fairbanks
3rd Diann Darnall, Fairbanks

Novice Team
1st place: Tail Spin (Aporn Stein and Tyler Slechta) Finals 3-0
2nd place: Boys of Pong (Eric Partyka and Nathan Barring)
Novice Team finals scores, Best 3 of 5 Tie:
TaIl Spin vs. Boys of Pong (negative represents the handicap minus start amount) Nathan Barring and Apron Stein, Novice Team Champions
A vs X) Tyler -6 vs Eric (Tyler won: 2-11, 12-10, 11-6, 7-11, 13-11)
B vs Y) Aporn -2 vs Nathan (Aporn won 12-10, 11-8, 11-9)
A/B vs X/Y) Tail Spin -4 vs Boys of Pong (Tail Spin won: 11-7, 0-11, 11-5, 11-8) "Boys of Pong" Nathan Barring and Eric Partyka with Diann Darnall
Finals Tie went to Tail Spin 3 matches to 0.

3rd place: East West (Wiu-Mei Zhang and Jim Zheng)
3rd place: Cadets (Thomas Brenner and Michael Janssen-Brethal)

Open Team Karl Augestad and Andrew Kim, Open Team Champions
1st  Arctic Loopers (Karl Augestad and Andrew Kim) Finals 3-0
2nd DEES on Fire (Diann Darnall and Doron Partyka)

Open Team finals scores: Best 3 of 5 Tie:
Arctic Loopers vs. DEES on Fire (negative represents the handicap minus start amount)
Singles: TAABS: Taras Yukly and Abed Rajab
Karl -12 vs Diann,  (Karl won: 11-7, 11-6)
Andrew -10 vs Doron, (Andrew won: 4-11, 11-8, 11-4, 11-8)
Arctic Loopers vs DEES on Fire (Arctic Loopers won: 0-11, 11-9, 13-11, 11-9)
Tie went to Arctic Loopers 3 matches to 0

3rd TAABS (Taras Yukly and Abed Rajab) 
3rd DePayuhs (Dave DeMay and TomDeLong) 



* Fri and Sat. May 9 & 10, 2014: Alaska/Yukon ChallengeFairbanks, AK.    ENTRY FORM AND INFO HERE 

* "Jerry Smith" Alaska Hardbat Championships  April 4-5, 2014  More info & ENTRY FORM 

* Arctic Winter Games TABLE TENNIS TEAM ALASKATeam Alaska: Top, Gretchen Wehmhoff, Jimmy Gao, Lian Lincoln, Nathan Klein, Jacob Thibodeau, Coach Gary Gao. Bottom Left: Erin Sivitz, Erica Hurtte, Eva Partyka, Heather Woodhouse

Complete TABLE TENNIS RESULTS (Click Here) 

Photo Gallery HERE

AWG TT GW newsletter #1 (CLICK HERE)

Congratulations to the the Alaska Table Tennis Team competing at the Arctic Winter Games March 15 to 22 in Fairbanks, Alaska. The members faced strong athletes from Greenland, Yamal, NWT, Nunavut, Nunavut-Quebec and Yukon.  The Alaskan players had a great time enjoying the competition and festive cultural events.  Here are the representitves and results:

Team Alaska Members are: (click on names below for event results & scores)

juvenile female: Erica Hurtte and Erin Sivitz
juvenile male: Jimmy Gao and Lian Lincoln
junior female: Heather Nicole Woodhouse and Eva Partyka
junior male: Jacob Peter Thibodeau and and Nathan A Klein

Bronze Medalist Juvenile Male Singles: Team Alaska: Jimmy Gao
Bronze Medalist Junior Female Doubles: Team Alaska: Heather Woodhouse and Eva Partyka
Bronze Medalist Juvenile Female Doubles: Erica Hurtte and Erin Sivitz
Bronze Medalist Juvenile Male Doubles: Team Alaska: Jimmy Gao and Lian Lincoln
Bronze Medalist TEAM Juvenile Mixed Doubles: Erica Hurtte, Erin Sivitz, Jimmy Gao and Lian Lincoln

Fourth Place: Junior males: Jacob Peter Thibodeau and Nathan A Klein
Quarter Finalist: Juvenile Female Singles: Erin Sivitz
Quarter Finalist: Juvenile male Singles: Lian Lincoln
Quarter Finalist: Juvenile Mixed Doubles: Erica Hurtte and Jimmy GaoErin Sivitz & Lian Lincoln


Jerry Smith was one of the founding members of the FITT club in Fairbanks and a shining example of sportsmanship,

"Jerry Smith" Alaska Hardbat Championships 

Tournament on Fri. 5-9PM  & Sat. 9AM-6PM April 4-5, 2014 in Fairbanks.  
Singles & Doubles.  More info & ENTRY FORM

Click the link here for the Results and Daily Miner Newspaper article  "Hoover takes 3rd Table Tennis Crown"

Table Tennis Tournaments:  (CLICK HERE FOR 2014 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE)

March Open Tournament Results: March 1, 2014Open Singles Champion, Kyle Yan compete against Karl Augestad at the AT & T Sports Pavilion.

A great gathering on a busy  March weekend in Anchorage.  With the Iditarod Sled Dog Race starting that morning there was a "woof" in the air on this cold and clear day.

With several first time tournament players and Alaska's top rated player in attendance it was sizing up for an howling great tournament.  Three of the eight members of the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska participated.   This event was a good preparation event for the international AWG competition set for March 15th - 22nd in Fairbanks, Alaska.  

In the A/C Doubles participants are paired based on skill level.  An A or open level player would be matched up with a C or B level player.  This provied the best pairing for nearly all 5 teams.   Alaskan juvenile female member Erin Sivitz was paired up with Alaska's top rated player active player, Rendy Tan.  Their pairing proved challenging with Erin gaining much experience with Rendy's strong serves and consistant play.  Fellow juvenile male members Jimmy Gao and Lian Lincoln were teamed up again like in the February tournament.  This time new groupings gave them a much more difficult test in their preparation for the upcoming AWG.  Top seeded Karl Augestad and Mark Weissler swept undefeated in several close fough matches.  Mark's blocking and upredictable hits along with Karl's top side spin gave early teams a test.  Strong play from Jose Martignon and Corbin Sawyer as they fought agressively and matched Gretchen Wehmhoff and Kyle Yan with a 2-3 record.  But head-to-head Martignon and Sawywer came out on top with a close 13-15, 11-8, 11-9 victory. Arctic Winter Games juveniles, Lian Lincoln and Jimmy Gao battle in the A/C Doubles.

The C singles started the day with some exciting rallies as players competited in a round robin pool.  UAA student and new tournament player Zachary John had a great time.  Eager to play he has been playing at the UAA Student Union hall on the sole table downstairs.  His strong play earned him first in the C singles without losing a game.  And a respectable 3rd place in the B singles.  Tennis player and past AWG team Alaska Table Tennis coach, Bill Cotton took 2nd with great mid court coverage.  That tennis footwork pays off.  

The B Singles was a tough to seed players going in to the tournament.  With several long time player making their appearange against several strong regulars.  Mark Weissler's dedicated practice prior to the event proved enough to top the field with a 4-1 record.  Tieing top seeded Corbin Sawyer with a matching result.  But in their head-to-head matchup, Mark came up victorious with a 11-6, 5-11, 11-4, 11-9 win.    


RESULTS  Johan Donath and Mike Mann spin it up in the A Singles round robin event

A/C Doubles: 
1. Karl Augestad and Mark Weissler
2. Erin Sivitz and Randy Tan  
3. Jose Martignon and Corbin Sawyer
4. Gretechen Wehmhoff and Kyle Yan
5. Jimmy Gao and Lian Lincoln
6. Bill Cotton and Johan  Donath  

C Singles:
1. Zachary John
2. Bill Cotton
3. Gil Mannond
4. Erint Sivitz

B Singles:   
1. Mark Weissler
2. Corbin Sawyer
3. Zacharey John
4. Mike Mann
5. Erin Sivitz
6. Jose Martignon

A Singles:
1. Jimmy Gao
2. Dohan Donath
3. Corbin Sawyer  First time AKTTC tournament player Zachary John comes up with 1st place in the C Singles.
4. Lian Lincoln
5. Jose Martignon
6. Mike Mann

Open Singles:
1. Kyle Yan
2. Rendy Tan
3. Karl Augestad
4. Jimmmy Gao
5. Johan Donath  


Group shot of the players in the March 2014 tournament. Many participants had little tournament experience and this smaller event was good prep for the Big one in October 2014.



  • March 16-22, 2014 Arctic Winter Games, Fairbanks, AK.  Team Alaska junior and Juvenile male and female athletes competing for gold, siliver and bronze Ulus in this Cultural event held every 2 years.  Teams from Alberta, Nunavut, Nunavik-Quebec, Greenland, Sapmi, Yamal, Yukon, North West Territories and Alaska 

* April 4 & 5, 2014: Jerry Smith Hard Bat Tournament, Fairbanks, AK.   Times: Friday from 5-9PM & Sat. from 9A-6PM. Held in Fairbanks, Alaska at the UAF Gym.  Hosted by FITT club, contact: Diann Darnall

* Fri and Sat. May 9 & 10, 2014: Alaska/Yukon Challenge, Fairbanks, AK.    Friday from 4-9PM and Sat. 9AM-7PM.  A handicap tournament hosted in rotation at cities: Fairbanks, Whitehorse or Anchorage.  Hosted by FITT club, contact: Diann Darnall

* Sat. & Sun. August 16 & 17, Alaska International Senior Games, Fairbanks, AK from Time.  Info at: TBA.  Special Guests visiting from Germany and Las Vegas.  Hosted by FITT club, contact: Diann Darnall

* Mon-Thurs. October  6-9, 2014 , Huntsman World Senior Games Huntsman World Senior Games, St. George, UT.  Alaskan seniors ages 50+ from Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks and Eagle River comptete for gold, silver and bronze metals.

Fri. & Sat. October 24 & 25, 2014: Alaska Open Table Tennis Tournament,Anchorage, AK.  8-10 Tables. Events: Skill Singles (Open, A, B, C), Doubles (Open & B/C), Women's Singles, Open Hardbat and Seniors 40 & over. 

* Sat. & Sun. Nov. 1 & 2, 2014 Pac Rim Tournament, Portland, Oregon.  Tuwalitin Rec. Center.  20+ divisions, Trophies & Cash prizes.  Top Canadian and players from WA, CA, OR and Alaska attend.  

* Fri.-Sun. Nov. 28-31, 2014 North American Team Championships, Washington, DC (Formerly in Baltimore & Detroit)  Teams of 3-5 players in various skill divisions based on ratings.  Americans best team tournament and one of the largest team tournaments in the world!   The Alaskan Assassins have competed several years dating back to 1989.  


Alaskan Andy Hutzel is in Washington DC for the Andy at Westchester TT club in upstate New York, Nov. 2013 North American Teams over the Thanksgiving weekend Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2013.  

Learn more about North America Table Tennis and the NA Teams (Click Here) Full Tournamernt schedule for 2014 coming soon.  

A 3 day team tournament that several Alaskan players have participated in since 1989.  Andy is on a 4 person team called the "Westchester Barbarians" in division 8.  A team sponsored by our recent guest to Alaska, Will Shortz owner of the Westchester Table Tennis Club in upstate New York.  Alaska's Team "The Alaskan Assassins" best result was 2nd place, division 7 in 2006 with teammembers Hathaim Salman, Jorg Heger, Andy Hutzel and Karl Augestad.

Alaskans attending from the past include: Richard Fettis, Gretchen Wehmhoff, Moon Kim, Sung Yang, Andy Hutzel, Jorg Heger, Hathaim Salman, Kyle Yan and Karl Augestad.  Andy Hutzel has already paid for a team slot in 2014.  Kyle and Karl will be attending in 2014 and invite other Alaskans to join us.  Hopefully we can form 2 or more teams from Alaska.  See the NATT website for more info,

See the RESULTS HERE   Click Here for YOU TUBE choices



Fall Table Tennis Tournament and Arctic Winter Games Team Results

Sat. October 19, 2013Open and B/C doubles started out the day and juniors battled on the backcourts.

10 Adult and Junior divisions in Singles & Doubles.  Cash prizes for Open Championship Singles & Doubles.  Trophies for Women's Singles, B/C doubles, juniors, juveniles and A, B & C skill division singles.

Open Singles: 1. Rendy Tan, 2. Kyle Yan, 3. Karl Augestad 3. Yuriy Solovyov

Women's Singles: 1. Mary Nomani, 2. Gretchen Wehmhoff, 3. Young Sun Elliott, 4. Erin Sivitz, 5. DanetteWeissler

A Singles: 1. Jimmy Gao, 2. Andrew Kim, 3. Paul Elliott, 3. Kyle Yan

B Singles: 1. Mark Weissler, 2. Cade Loving, 3. Mike Mann, 3. Sabastien Wetterlin

B/C Doubles: 1. Brant Bennett/Cade Loving, 2. Philip Pugay/Mark Weissler, 3. Justin Carrioaburu/Ben Kumor, 4. Derek Stone/Jake Stone

Open Doubles: 1. Chidi Nwokorie/Rendy Tan, 2.Karl Augestad/Kyle Yan, 3. Paul Elliott/Jimmy Gao, 4. Andrew Kim/Yuriy Soloyov

Juvenile Female Singles: 1. Melanie Chaffey, 2. Erin Sivitz      

Juvenile Male Singles: 1. Jimmy Gao, 2, Derek Stone, 3. Elijah Kim, 4. Jake Stone

Junior Female Singles: 1. Heather Woodhouse

Junior Male Singles: 1. Nathan Klein, Jacob Thibobeau, Bryce Foster, 4.Dylan Bruce


ENTRY FORM HERE here at AKTTC website.  Call Karl Augestad for more info: 907-360-4276 or email:

Alaska Seniors Athletes Bring Home Medals

Seven Table Tennis competitors from Alaska  competed in the four-day (October 7-10, 2013) Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.  Over 160 players competed for the medals in the Table Tennis Event.Photo: L-R Back row: Tim McLeod, Dave DeMay, Bob Janes, Jamo Parrish L-R front row: Diann Darnall, Jane Parrish, Carol Johnson

Jane Parrish and Carol Johnson of Fairbanks battled it out in the 65-69 Division with Jane taking the Silver Medal and Carol the Bronze Medal.  Yoko Wilcox of Englewood, Co took the Gold. Jane and Carol teamed up to take the Gold Medal in the Women’s Doubles 65-69 Division.  Johnson partnered with Bob Janes of Juneau to ease out the Bronze Medal in the 65-69 Mixed Doubles. Over Jane and Jamo Parrish who finished fourth. 

Diann Darnall of Fairbanks took the Silver Medal in the Women’s Singles 60-64 Division. Yali Carpenter of Peoria, AZ took the Gold.  In Women’s Doubles 60-64 Darnall partnered with Carpenter to take the Gold.  In Mixed Doubles 60-64, Darnall partnered with Tim McLeod of Juneau to finish with a Bronze Medal.  The Gold Medal went to Dennis Keppen of Sun City AZ and Yali Carpenter of Peoria, AZ.  The team of Ray Mack of Rochester, NY and Carolyn Adams of Dunedin, Fl took the Silver.

Diann Darnall won six straight matches to make it to the finals in the Rated Singles 1400-1599.  Darnall finished with the silver in a 3-2 game match with Allan Ferrenberg of Reno, NV.

Tim McLeod of Juneau took the Bronze Medal in the Rated Singles 1200-1399.

The Alaskans warmed up for the Huntsman Games by participating in the Nevada Senior Games Table Tennis Tournament.  Jane Parrish took the Gold in Women’s Singles 65-69 Division.  Jane teamed up with Carol Johnson to take the Gold in Women’s Doubles.  Jane and Jamo Parrish took the Bronze in the Mixed Doubles 65-69 Division.

Diann Darnall took the Silver Medal in Women’s Singles 60-65 Division behind her doubles partner Yali Carpenter.  Darnall and Carpenter took the Gold in Women’s Doubles. Darnall and Dave DeMay of Eagle River took the Gold Medal in the Mixed Doubles 55-59 Division.

Carol Johnson was delighted with her first Table Tennis Tournaments out-side of Alaska. She enjoyed meeting new friends, improving her skills, and inviting athletes to come to Fairbanks for the 2014 Alaska International Senior Games next August.

The Huntsman World Senior Games hosts over 10,000 athletes 50+ for a two-week period in October each year.  Participants compete in 27 athletic events and come from Japan to Sweden and from Alaska to Australia, where peace among nations is fostered through friendly competition.  For more information of the Huntsman World Senior Games go to

To find out more about the Alaska International Senior Games go to

Photo: L-R Back row: Tim McLeod, Dave DeMay, Bob Janes, Jamo Parrish

L-R front row: Diann Darnall, Jane Parrish, Carol Johnson


Anchorage Park Foundation 1st Annual Ping Pong Tournament Finals featured Karl Augestad vs. local tennis pro/coach, Aaron Haines.

Thanks to the Anchorage Park Foundation for hosting the first annual Minnesota Park Outdoor Ping Pong Tournament on Monday August 19, 2013.  Held to celebrate the new concrete ping pong table at (you guessed it) Minnesota Park on (you guessed it) Minnesota Drive.  In a "Final Four" type bracket 32 players braved the elements to play not only against their opponent, but also against Mother Nature.  RAIN!  Yes it was wet but fun.

AKTTC members: Mark Weissler (Far Left), Paul Elliott (Center with red racket) and Karl Augestad (center right with blue baseball cap)

Several substitutes filled for no-show players.  Plenty of players showed up to fill the wet shoes.  Including Paul Elliott from the AKTTC.  The first round of matches took just over an hour with a single game to 11 point, serving rotation every 2 points and swapping sides at the first to 5 points. 


 Alaska Table Tennis club members, Paul Elliott, Mark Weissler and Karl Augestad made the Elite 8 in the competition.  

PHOTOS HERE from the Minnesota Park Outdoor Tournament


Alaska Yukon Challenge  set for May 10 & 11, 2013 at the AT & T Sports Pavilion. Anchorage hosted in 2010. The Alaska Yukon Challenge at AT & T Sports PavilionTeam and Singles events with $1000. in Prize Money & Trophies.  Thanks to Whitehorse Sponsor: Mega Reporting, Inc.,


Activates starts Friday May 10th at 4PM, See Schedule on ENTRY FORM. Action will begin with Novice Singles at 5PM & Open Singles at 5:30PM.  Finals later that evening.  

Saturday May 11th doors open at 9AM & Teams event start at 9:30AM. Unique handicap rating score system allows all participants a great opportunity against various skill level matchups.

 Teams from Whitehorse Yukon Canada, Fairbanks, Soldotna, Homer, Anchorage and hopefully Juneau will compete for the coveted Birch Wood Bowl Trophy.  Novice Singles for U1000 USATT rated and Open Singles for Over 1000 USATT rating.  

2012 Open Team winners Canadians Kevin Murphy and Ryan Bachli.  See 2012 AK Yukon Challenge results and article lower on THIS Tournaments Page.

Volunteers needed for scorekeeping, control desk and runners.  Spectators welcome.  Entry information soon.  Contact Karl Augestad at: or cell (907)360-4276. 


Anchorage Open Table Tennis Tournament March 16, 2013 Jose Marginon attacks vs. Mark Weisser & Philip Pugnay. Jose's partner Chao Vang outside frame left.
Timing applies to multiple aspects of the sport of table tennis when competing in a tournament.  Arriving on time, warming up in a timely manner, contact with the ball in the precise spot and taking your time when rallying in a match.  The sport is fast and your timing is important.  Practice, preparation and patience helps address the timing these aspects.

Chidi, Show me the money! First in Singles & Doubles.
Open Singles: 1st Chidi Nwokorie (3-1), 2nd Karl Augestad (3-1), 3rd Kyle Yan (2-2), 4th Paul Elliott (2-2), 5th Jose Martignon * tie breaker based on head-to head
Open Women's Singles: 1st Mary Nomani (2-0), 2nd Kara Joseph (1-1), 3rd Natasha Graham (0-2)
B Singles: 1st Wade Wruck (5-0), 2nd Andrew Kim (4-1), 3rd Mike Mann, 4th Jacob Wingerd, 5th Paul Harren, 5th Mary Nomani
C Singles: 1st Mike Mann (5-0), 2nd Mark Weissler (4-1), 3rd Chao Vang, 4th Gil Dammond, Justin Neff, Stacy Joseph
B/C Doubles: Philip Pugney/Mark Weissler, 2nd Justin Neff/Jainbing Wu, 3rd Jose Martignon/Chao Vang
Open Doubles: 1st Chidi Nwokorie/Kyle Yan, 2nd Karl Augestad/Paul Elliott

PDF entry form (CLICK HERE).   Contact Karl Augestad for more information & questions: (907)360-4276 &  All ages and skills welcome, 18 trophies and $190 in cash prizes in singles & doubles.


Jerry Smith played with great love and passion for the sport of table tennis. Aug. 2008 

"Jerry Smith" Alaska Hardbat Championships      April 5-6, 2013, Singles & Doubles events

Alan Hoover takes third table tennis crown.  


Sponsored by the FITT club in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Held at Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks Patty Gym   (Entry form click here) All proceeds above expenses will be donated to the American Diabetes Association in Memory of Jerry Smith.  Information:  

Alaskan Wins USATT National Hardbat Championship USATT National Hardbat Champion Dave DeMay (left) of Eagle River and finalist Roger Keely (right) of California

The USATT National Tournament held December 18-22 in Las Vegas Nevada hosted 790 athletes from throughout the country in over 60 Table Tennis events.  

Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis (FITT) member, Dave DeMay, lead Team Alaska at the 5 day competition.  DeMay is bringing home the Gold Medal and the1500 Hardbat Championship Trophy back to Alaska.  

Dave's first match was against the No. 1 seeded Albert Blatt from Florida. After losing the first game 21-15, Dave rallied and won the next two close games and the match. 
Dave moved into the Semi-final Round and faced two-time National Champion Tim Wright from Arizona. After dropping the first game 21-11, and trailing 8-2 and 13-6, Dave found Tim's weakness and began to catch up.  Behind 19-16, Dave used a combination of spinny serves and solid defense to tie the game at 20-20 and take the win at 22-20.  Dave's defense was rock solid again in the third game, varying the spins on his chops and serves taking the final game of the match at 21-9. 
In the finals, Dave faced Roger Keely of California and won a close first game at 21-18.  Roger came back with a strong backhand kill shot and won the second game 21-14.  The third game was a close defensive battle all the way until 18-18 when Dave dominated the next three points for the championship.
DeMay also won his round robins in the rating classes of 1800, 1700, 1600, and advanced to the quarter finals in the 1600 Seniors.
Other FITT members of Team Alaska playing in the National Tournament were Jane Parrish, Jamo Parrish, and Diann Darnall.  Diann's strongest finish was in the 1400 rating class making it to the round of eights.  
For more information on Fairbanks Table Tennis go to:


UAA Info Desk Table Tennis Tournament, Nov. 29, 2012

A dozen of UAA students signed up for the regular semester event held at the Student Union Hall on Nov. 29, 2012.  A mixture of students competed at the campus kThe Alaska Table Tennis Club donated use of 3 premium Butterfly TT tables, net sets, barriers and score boards and tables.  Help from 5 time UAA TTT champion Kyle Yan and top rated AKTTC member and Mark Weissler of the AKTTC club in organizing the round robin and final divisions.  

1. Jacob Wingard  2.   


Todd Woodhouse, Rick Robertson, Bob Janes, Diann Darnall, Jamo Parrish, Jamo Parrish, Dave DeMay, Andy Hutzel and Karl Augestad representing Alaska at the 26th Annual HWSGAlaskans win at HWSG
Oct. 8-11, 2012  St George, UT

50-54 Men's Singles Bronze medal: Karl Augestad (Anchorage).

50-54 Men's Doubles 4th place: Todd Woodhouse & Karl Augestad

55-59 Men's Doubles Bronze medal:
Dave DeMay (Eagle River), Richard Chang (Vancouver, BC Canada)

55-59 Men's Doubles 4th Place medal: Rick Robertson (Fairbanks) & San Joy Batacharya (St George, UT)

60-64 Women Singles Silver medal: Diann Darnall (Fairbanks)

60-64 Women's Doubles Gold medal:
Diann Darnall Fairbanks) & Jane Parrish Fairbanks)

60-64 Mixed Doubles Gold medal
Diann Darnall (Fairbanks) & Bob Janes (Juneau)

65-69 women's singles Silver medal:  Jane Parrish Fairbanks)

1600-1799 Rated Singles Silver medal: Andy Hutzel (Eagle River)

1800-1999  Rated Singles Silver medal: Andy Hutzel (Eagle River)

1400-1599 Rated Singles 4th place: David DeMay (Eagle River)

1200-1399 Rated Singles Bronze medal: Rick Robertson (Fairbanks)


I TOOK over 3000 photos during my stay in St. George, Utah & Texas, both before and after the HWSG.  (PHOTOS HERE)

The players are coming from all over to play at the Huntsman World Senior Games from Oct. 8-12th in St. George, UT.   Some from Fairbanks, Eagle River, Vegas, Seattle, San Antonio and who knows where.  All originally from Alaska and will battle the players also from all over the world from Europe, Asia, South American and all across the USA. See the photo below of the players attending and cheer them on.  I will update the website with photos while at the HWSG.  So check back.  Karl Augestad, AKTTC



An international field of players participated in the Alaskan Women Singles 3rd place Kris Abegge, Champion Mary Nomoni and Finalist April Ward Alaska Open Tournament on Sat. Sept. 29, 2012 at the AT & T Sports Pavilion in Anchorage, Alaska.  A full lineup of events in singles & doubles.  Twenty Two players were allowed to enter up to 2 singles events and one doubles.  
Kris Abegge, Mary Nomani and April Ward, Alaska Women's Singles
Players representing various countries and ethnic distinctions from native Alaska, China, Korea, Germany, Ukraine, Samoa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Japan, Mexico and Norway.  Check out the full story at the tournament link.   (PHOTOS CLICK HERE)

Open Singles: 1. Alex Hoffman, 2. Chidi Nwokorie 3. Kyle Yan 3. Yuriy Solovyov

Women's Singles: 1. Mary Nomani  2. April Ward  3. Kris Abegge

Class B Singles: 1. Jimmy Gao  2. Wade Wruck  3. Matthew Cortz  3. Paul Fernandez

Class C Singles: Jacob Wingerd  2. Dean Silvis  3. Lian Lincoln  3. Mike Mann

Open Doubles: 1. Alex Hoffman and Yuriy Solovyov   2. Karl Augestad and Todd Woodhouse  3, Paul Elliott and Kyle Yan  3. Jimmy Gao and Chidi Nwokorie  Alex Hoffman and Chidi Nwokorie

17 & Under Singles: 1. Alex Hoffman   2. Andrew Kim   3. Lian Lincoln  4. Muhammad Umair Nawaz

Senior Singles 50 & over: 1. Karl Augestad  2. Todd Woodhouse   3. Wade Wruck  


Alaska Open Table Tennis Championships

Saturday, September 29, 2012.  A strong field of players participated in the first state open tournament in nearly 3 years.  22 players competed in 7 events in Open Doubles, Open Singles, B Singles, C Singles, Juniors 17 & under, Seniors 50 & over and Woman's singles.  


Alex Hoffman and Chidi Nwokorie Finals action. Close 5 game match.

Schedule and ENTRY FORM HERE


Huntsman World Senior  

Anchorage Korean Community Table Tennis Tournament:

 Tues. August 7, 2012 from 6-10PM at the AT & T Sports Pavilion.  Open to members of the various Korean Community Churchs in Singles, Doubles, Women's Singles and Overall Team Events.  Spectators Welcome. 

SINGLES: 1. Sung "Jake" Pi  2. Andrew Kim  3. Jerry Shin

DOUBLES: 1. Andrew Kim and Jerry Shin


AK TTC providing tables, nets, balls, barriers, score tables, score boards and volunteer help.  Fast and exciting action.  See the past photos HERE

August 11-12, 2012 Alaska International Senior Games,
Fairbanks, AK

Table Tennis Tournament for players 50 years and older. Age groups: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89... Qualifing event for the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013. Anchorage & Eagle River players include: Andy Hutzel and Karl Augestad.  Players from Fairbanks include: Diann Darnall, Rick Robertson and others. Many are also attending the Huntsman World Senior Games in October 2012 in St. George, UT.  (AISG is not related to the NSGA)  

INFORMATION: (CLICK HERE)  Register (HERE)   Sponsored by the FITT club,  Contact:  Diann Darnall

email:    National Senior Games:         

Diann Darnall (president) (907)479-5421        AISG Phone: (907)-978-2388 April-Sept.  

 See Photos from the 2008 Alaska International Senior Games in Fairbanks.




America's Team Tournament May 26-27, 2012

The Alaskan Assassins battled against a strong field of players in Haitham Salman on the attack Rockford, IL over Memorial Day.  Team members: Haitham Salman 47, Andy Hutzel 64 and Karl Augestad 52 faced players from 9 years to 70 years old in the Robo-Pong & Killerspin sponsored event benefiting the Rockford Boy's & Girl's club.  A well organized event held at the Clock Tower Resort Tennis Facility with 32 Killerspin tables spread over 8 indoor tennis hard courts.  Great lighting and space yet the humidity was unbelievable. Industrial Air Conditioning piped in to the facility Althought they provided an industrial supplemental air conditioning system piped in to the venue many of us were constantly toweling off.  

The format of this team event is like the North American Team Championships held in Baltimore during Thanksgiving.  Teams consist of 3 to 5 players in various divisions based on the top 3 players combined USATT Rating.  With 36 teams there were 4 divisions of 9 teams.  When competing against another team each team must choose 3 teammates to face the other team. Karl taking on Dr David Feerst from "East Meets West" In a round robin pool each team plays another in what is referred as a "TIE".  Thus over 2 days we played all 8 opponents with one bye round.  All singles matches these "ties" becomes a race to 5 wins out of the possible 9 matches.  With only 3 members the Alaskans played in every round through out the tournament.  Yet a 4 or 5 person team can rotate players for each of their "ties"allowing them to pick the 3 teammate to face off against each team.  A specially designed ABC vs. XYZ match card presents a bit of a strategy.  A coin toss chooses the winning captain to fill their choice of side in the roster.  Then blindly the opposing team captain fills out the opposite side with their roster then reveal the head-to-head pairings.  We chose to remain consist an by issuing Haitham the opportunity to play all of his matches first then allowing Andy & myself to pull out a pair of wins "assuming" out strongest player would handle his opponents.  

The Alaskans were grouped in the lowest spot in the B division for the 2 round preliminary cross-overmatches starting at 9AM Saturday morning.  Karl, Haitham and Andy With 9 in a division and seeded bottom of the B group we issued a bye in the first round not facing an A division team.  But at 11AM we were paired against the top seeded C team.  The umpire wanted us to start on the first set of tables after our opponant finished their early match up.  Facing a bye in the first round may have been costly as the "Four Horsemen" chose their top 3 stallions against a cold Alaskan trio.  Haitham started out strong and played up to his top rating.  Karl and Andy were faced with pulling out a couple of wins against a divers team of experienced players.  Karl played streaky with mentally challenged battles. Struggling in close match ups needing only one win to advance.  Close yet came up but only won one match and lost 2.  Andy faced players most above his rating but he relied in is crafty hardbat play to offer a diverse matchup.  He was blanked 0-3.  Thus the team match up was 4-5.

See the PRELIMINARY ROUNDS  scores & matchups (click here) 

America's Team PHOTOS (click here)

With the loss of the preliminary crossover matchup the AK Assassins were banished to the C division and were seeded 1st in a strong field of 9 teams.  Right out of the gate on Saturday morning the Alaskans faced the "The White Eagles". Although they were seeded 9th at the bottom of the division, they came to play and send their strongest players at the Alaskans.  Which included an UnRated  player, with a huge backhand loop drive.  A very unpredictable component that proved to one of the differences in the matchup.  Again battling all 9 matches for nearly 2 hours.  The Alaskans managed to comeback from down 4-2 to tie up at 4-4.  Haitham held his own and swept 3-0 and Andy was 2-1 with a big win in the 8th matchup after coming back from 0-2 deficit.  But Karl struggled in the 9th as he was up 2 games to zero.  And then the "Mental" aspect of the sport came in to play.  Feeling the pressure and playing conservatively relying on the opponents errors and a tentative backhand.   Overall the Alaskan Assassins ended up 5-4 in team match play in the prelims and playoff round robin pool.  Team Schnitzel won the C division with powerfull pressure and consistent play from Rajeev Sharma, Nicole Schmid and 9 year old fenom Michael Tran.  

....MORE TO COME.  Karl


Yukon prevails over Alaska in Table Tennis, Whitehorse, Yukon Canada  (file photo) Alaska Yukon Challenge 2011 in Fairbanks, 2012 photos coming 

The 5th Annual Alaska Yukon Challenge took place in Whitehorse on May 11 & 12th  2012 with three Fairbanks players making the journey to represent Alaska in three international events: the Random Doubles, Open Team, and Open Singles.  All three events are run on the handicapped system, which is based having the higher rated player start with a -1 point for every 50 points difference in the players rating.

On Friday evening, Stefan Krist, an UAF student from Austria, drew Ryan Bachli from the Yukon in the Random Doubles and finished 2nd.  Diann Darnall, also from Fairbanks drew Canadian, Taras Yurkiv and finished in 4th place.  Rick Robertson, from Fairbanks, finished 5th with his partner Kyle Gonder.

The main event was the Open Team. Teams play a Tie, which is a doubles match and two singles matches.  The Team winning two of the matches wins the Tie. 

The top two teams in each of the round robin groups moved on to the semi-finals.  The Alaskan Team of Rick Robertson and Stefan Krist finished second in “Group A”. The International Team of Diann Darnall, of Fairbanks, and Myrna Bruns, swept “Group B” to move on.   Both these teams met in the semi-finals, with Robertson & Krist sweeping all the matches sending them to the finals.

Meanwhile, the Canadians battled it out to see who would meet Robertson & Krist in the Finals.  The highest rated team of Kevin Murphy and Ryan Bachli won the Tie over Mernoush Mahdvi and Kyle Gonder.  Murphy and Bachli were also victorious in a tight battle over Robertson and Krist to take the coveted titled in the Open Teams.  Robetson and Krist finished 2nd.

After losing the doubles match, Darnall and Bruns pulled out a stunning wins in each of the singles matches over Mahdvi and Gonder to capture third place.

In the Open Singles the Canadians went one, two, three.  Kevin Murphy, defeated Ryan Bachli for first place, and Mehrnoush Mahdavi capturing third over Stefan Krist.

The Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award was awarded to Dave Stockdale of Whitehorse, Yukon.  This Award started in 2009 is given in the memory of former Fairbanks Table Tennis Player, Jerry Smith.  The Award recognizes players for Sportmanship, Fair Play, and Love of the Game.  For more information on this award or to find out about Table Tennis in Fairbanks, check out

Information & Entry form (CLICK HERE) 

The 2013 Alaska Yukon Challenge is scheduled to be held in Anchorage next spring.


Alaska Open Table Tennis Championships tournament has been POSTPONED until

Sat. Sept 29, 2012 Alaska Open Table Tennis Championships will held at AT&T Sports Pavilion in Anchorage.   14 various age & skill divisions in Singles & Doubles.  Times: Sat. 8A-7PM. Men's Open Singles, Women's Open Singles, A, B, C & D skill level Singles, junior age groups 15 & under for male & female, Seniors 40 & over, Senior Esquires 50 & over Singles, Hardbat, Mixed Doubles, Open Doubles & B/C doubles. NON-Sanctioned.  Contact Karl Augestad (907)360-4276 or email:



May 27-28, 2012 America's Team Championships, The "Alaskan Assassins Team" is traveling to Rockford, IL



"The Alaskan Assissins" team consisting of: Andy Hutzel,  Haitham Salman and Karl Augestad will be participating in the America's Team Championships Memorial Day weekend in Rockford, IL.  This Alaskan team 2nd Place in division 7 up in 2006 in the North American Teams in Baltimore, Maryland.   


USATT Sanctioned tournaments require current memberhip to participate.   Fees $25-$49 for one year membership.  See USATT MEMBERSHIP for more details.  For New or Renewal membershp help the Alaska Table Tennis by a small compensation by joining at an Alaska sponsored tournament.  So help out the group.  Membership benifits include: Players receive national rating based on results from competition, Table Tennis magizine subscription, entry to sanctioned tournaments through out the US, Decal, membership card .  Join USATT at registration for each event or sign up at USATT.ORG  Alaskans who sign up at the events contribute a small fee to Alaska Table Tennis courtousy of USATT. 




2012 Alaska Hardbat Championships RESULTS  Alan Hoover, 2 time Alaska Open HardBat ChampionAlan Hoover defended his title at the FITT Club hardbat tournament in Fairbanks, Alaska March 30-31, 2012. Various divisions in singles and doubles.  Hardbat play in utilizing the classic scoring of games to 21 points best 2 of 3 games.  Utilizing pimpled rubber rackets with rallies lasting longer, more chopping and flat pick hitting shots.  Exciting action.  Check out the great results and article at the FITT website.   See detailed article here


Ryan Crow taking 3rd Place at UAA Single TTT Jan. 2012


Flash back UAA Tournament 2008 !

March 21, 2012 UAA Singles TTT results: 1) Sung "Jake" Pi   2) Matthew Cortez 3) Ryan Crow



Arctic Winter Games 2012   Flashback Arctic Winter Games Table Tennis... 1970'sResults from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.  The Alaskan Table Tennis Team traveled by charter coach buses from Anchorage  & Fairbanks.  Team Alaska coaches were: Bill Cotton and Gretchen Wehmhoff.  

CLICK ON THEIR NAME TO SEE THEIR AWG PROFILE: Team members were: Juvenile Femaies:  Adrienne Lujan , Emilye Grace Williams  Juvenile Male:Eli Neslund, Jimmy Gao, Junior Female: Katrina Brown, Saharra McKee, Junior Male: Andrew Kim and Robbie Vehmeier


Need some more PHOTOS from the AWG Table Tennis.  


Jan. 24, 2012  UAA Singles Tournament Results: 16 students participated in the Winter Semester tournament at the UAA Student Union Hall.  Four pools of 4 players competed in a round robin preliminary group on 4 tables.  With the top 2 players in each pool advancing to a single elimination playoff.  

Defending UAA singles champion Sung "Jake" Pi from the previous semester along with Jamie advanced from pool number one.  Then Kyle Yan, Jason, Mike Mann, Ryan, Jacob Wingard and Delbert from the remaining pools also advanced to the quarter final playoffs. Head to head this group battled for the final four with Sung, Jacob, Ryan and Kyle prevailing.Finalist Sung "Jake" Pi and 6 time UAA champion, Kyle Yan ham it up

1. Kyle Yan     2. Sung "Jake" Pi     3. Jacob Wingard     4. Ryan Crow


Next UAA tournament proposed in March 2012.  Sponsored UAA Table Tennis club & the Student Union Info Desk.  Two Butterfy tables & tournament equipment provided by Alaska Table Tennis.  

Contact Mike Mann for more info: (907)440-6413, email:

The winner, Kyle Yan has now won this UAA Student Union Info Desk Tournament a record 6 times dating back to 2008.  Check out this these flashback shots over the years.  See more at UAA PAST TT TOURNEY PHOTOS

Arctic Winter Games & Single & Doubles Tournament, Nov. 12, 2011

Juvenile Females: Zoe, Erin & EmilyeA fun and exciting day of Tryout featuring the Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Tryouts.  17 junior & juvenile male and females participated to capture the 8 spots representing Alaska in March 4-10, 2012 in Whitehorse Yukon, Canada.  Players from Homer, Fairbanks, Juneau, Wasilla, Eagle River and Anchorage.  Team Alaska Table Tennis coaches Bill Cotton and Gretchen Whemhoff provided information on the tryout process.  Outlined expectations and experiences of what the athletes chosen would have on their international adventure.  

Click here for Tournament Photos

Results: *Top 2 finishers in each male & female Juvenile and Juniors were selected for AWG Team Alaska

Juvenile Female 1. Emilye Williams (A)*     2. Zoe Vehmeier (A)*    3. Erin Sivitz

AWG Team Alaska Junior Males: Jackson and PatrickJuvenile Male  1. Jimmy Gao (H)*       2. Eli Neslund  (A)*

Junior Female 1. Katrina Brown (A)*      2. Sahara McKee (A)*

Junior Male    1. Jackson Lehnhart (A)*     2. Patrick Walgren (A)*     3. Robert Vehmeier    4. Kuk Jae "Andrew" Kim (A)    5. Sam Klump    6. Doug Watts (A)

Todd and Karl in A Singles finals


A Singles   

1.Karl Augestad (A)       2. Todd Woodhouse (ER)    3. Kyle Yan (UAA)   4. Andy Hutzel (ER)

B Singles   1. Wade Wruck (W)     2.Gary Gao (H)

C Singles    1. Jimmy Gao (H)    2. Paul Harren (UAA)     3. Mike Mann (UAA)   4. Jacob Wingard (UAA)


A/B Doubles  1. Karl Augestad/Kyle Yan (A)         2.Andy Hutzel/Todd Woodhouse (ER)

C/D Doubles   1. Gary Gao/Jimmy Gao (H)                                       2. Jacob Wingard/Mike Mann (UAA)

 J=Juneau, H=Homer, A=Anchorage, ER= Eagle River    W=Wasilla  UAA=Univ. of Alaska Anchorage   




Wed. Nov. 9, 2011 from 2PM to 6PM, Student Union cafeteria just outside the Subway Sandwich in the large open area.  4 TT tables, Round Robin prelims and single elimination playoffs.

Results: 1st Place winnter Jake and runner up Jacob (PHOTOS of UAA Tournament)

1. "Jake" Sung Pi

2. Jacob Wingard

3. Ryan Crow

 Student Union Hall, UAA Campus

Singles Finals Video: Jake vs. Jacob and 3rd Place match: Ryan vs. Mike 


Singles 3rd Place Ryan and 4th Place Mike


1. Jake Sung Pi/ Jamie Sten

2. Joshua Kwan/ Yongha Song

3. Ryan Crow/ Matt Cortez

3. Slava Teodorovich/ RomanBylkowDoubles winners: Jake and Jamie20 players participated in the UAA Fall Table Tennis tournament held at the Student Union Hall.  A wide range of players came out for the fall event with 4 tables in a well lit and spacious area in the Student Union hall.  Food and drinks for the players provided by UAA Student Union Info Desk.  Organized by the UAA Table Tennis Club and Student Union Info Desk.  Tournament director was Mike Mann.  Assistant from the Anchorage Table Tennis Club for the use of the Butterfly tables, nets, scoreboards and barriers.  Look for another Singles tournament held later this semester.  

Entry Deadline: Monday Nov. 8, 2011.  As of Monday morning 16 players have entered.  

Open to current UAA Students, Singles & Doubles events.  Prizes and awards.  

Sponsored by the UAA Table Tennis Club with help from the Anchorage Table Tennis club.

Tournament director and contact: Mike Mann: (907)440-6413 or email: