Tournaments results:
Jerry Smith Hardbat Championships: Fairbanks, Alaska.  Sponsored by the FITT club.  
2016 Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championships Results Honoring Jerry Smith with the annual Hardbat Championships
Hardbat Table Tennis continues to grow in Fairbanks as twenty-six players challenged each other at recent the Jerry Smith Alaska Hardbat Championships held April 8-9 at the UAF Patty Center.  Top players from Anchorage and Eagle River joined the Fairbanks and North Pole players in five different events. 
Alan Hoover took his 5th singles title going undefeated in the Men’s Open. In the quarterfinals Hoover won over Dave DeMay 21-13, 21-14. In the semi-finals Hoover defeated Karl Augestad 21-14, 21-8. Hoover met his toughest opponent, Andrew Persen in the finals.  Hoover posted a win in the first game 21-13.  However, Persen was determined and successfully attacked Hoover winning 21-18 in the second game.  In the third game Hoover shifted gears capturing point after point with his offensive slam winning the game 21-13.  Persen finished second with playoff wins over Rick Robertson 21-13, 21-14 and Terry Slocum 16-21, 21-18, 21-18.  Additional competitors in the Men’s Open were Eric Carvalho, Nico Kayer, Craig Partyka, Scott Kennedy, and Jeremy Boyton.
Nine women competed for the Women’s Open title. Record 8 women competing in the Women's Hardbat Singles The top two finishers in the round robin pools moved on to a final round robin playoff.  In the finals Regine Hock took the match with Ruby Baxter 21-14, 21-5. Doron Partyka won over Regine Hock 21-11, 21-11 and Diann Darnall beat Ruby Baxter 21-15, 21-10.  The final match set up a rematch from the 2015 finals between Diann and Doron.  The first game the women went point for point tying 19-19, Diann won the next two points to take the first game.  The score in the second game 21-12 is not reflective of the closeness of the long rallies. Doron was consistent in returning Diann’s hard hits extending the rally point after point.  After persevering in the second game, Diann finished in first. Doron captured second and Regine took third. Other women in the Women’s Open were Carol Johnson, Aporn Stein, Joy Morrison, Betsy DeMay, and Eva Partyka.
Randy Smith Middle School student, Eric Partyka took on his elders and the title in the Jerry Smith Recreation Hardbat event. After winning his pool 3-0, Eric beat Regine Hock in the quarterfinals 21-14, 21-11; Scott Kennedy in the semi-finals 21-11, 21-18; and Malen Bratcher 21-15, 21-18 in the finals.  Malen Bratcher took second place honors. Scott Kennedy placed third with a win over fourth place finisher, Aporn Stein 21-12, 22-20. Other event competitors were Joy Morrison, Betsy DeMay, Eva Partyka, Carol Johnson, Jeremy Boyton, Andrea Gelvin, and Nico Kayer.
The Open Doubles Event was extremely Open Double Teams, 1st: Diann Darnall and Terry Slocum, 2nd: Dave DeMay & Karl Augestad Augestad, 3rd: Alan Hoover and Doron Partyka and 4th: Will Himes & Andrew Persen competitive with three teams of the six teams finishing in a 3-2 tie for second place.  Finishing with an undefeated record of 5-0 and claiming first place was the team of Diann Darnall/Terry Slocum.  Darnall/Slocum posted wins over second place finishers Karl Augestad/Dave DeMay 21-13, 13-21, 21-17 third place finishers Alan Hoover/Doron Partyka 21-19, 21-9, fourth place finishers Will Himes/Andrew Persen 21-15, 21-11, fifth place finishers Ruby Baxter/Rick Robertson 21-9, 21-18, and fifth place finishers Jerry Phillips/Craig Partyka 21-9, 21-4.  
Eleven teams took to the tables to determine the Jerry Smith Limit Doubles Championships.  Three teams won their pools to move to a final round robin playoff. Malen Bratcher/Andrew Persen lost the first game to the team of Diann Darnall/Jeremy Boynton 10-21. Bratcher/Persen refocused and took the next two games 21-14, 21-14 to win the match. Bratcher/Persen’s next opponents were Rick Robertson/Aporn Stein. Bratcher/Persen won the first game 21-7, but lost the second 18-21 forcing a third game, which they edged out 21-18. Robertson/Stein then went to a final single game match with Darnall/Boyton taking second in a close match 21-19.  Darnall/Boyton finished third.
The Jerry Smith Spirit of the Game Award in honor of Sportsmanship, Fair Play, and Love of the Game was presented to Regine Hock.  The Marty Reisman Hock Paddle was given to Jeremy Boyton in honor of Jerry Smith. Thanks to Don Varian of Hock Table Tennis for supporting the tournament with Door Prizes.
More information about local table tennis and Jerry Smith can be found at

Seattle Open Tournament, August 22-23, 2015.  Six Alaskans competed in the Butterfly SPTTC Seattle Open in Belevue, WA 
Kyle Yan was 14-5 win vs. losses improving his rating 77 points.  With some great matches in U2300 & U2150 division making it to the quarterfinals.  Defeating Danny Ho (2110) from Vancouver, BC Canada and Val Kim  (2180) from Seattle, WA in some great preliminary matches.  Solid play as his opponants struggled with Kyle's unique style, solid defense and aggressive play.   
Chidi Nworkori
Karl Augestad
Johann Dohan
Zachary John
Mike Mann


Results from the 2015 Winter Open Table Tennis Tournament, 3/7/15

Divisions in Open, A & B singles. Plus A/B (Under 3400 combined ratings) Doubles. 15 total entries at the AT & T Sports Pavilion.  Fun event for all participants.  (PHOTOS HERE)

Open Singles:

The Open featured 7 strong players who were split Champion Kyle Yan takes the cash for first with finalist Paul Elliott taking second in the open singles in to 2 prelim round robin pools.  With Jimmy Gao from Homer, Paul Elliott, Kyle Yan and Karl Augestad advancing to the semi finals.  In the Semi finals #1 Kyle Yan easily won over Karl Augestad in a 3-1 games match.  And Paul Elliott was playing strong blanking Jimmy Gao 11-4, 11-6 , 14-12) in semi finals #2.  In the exciting finals Kyle Yan swung past Paul Elliott in another close match going the distance.  As Paul sarcastically would say "Wow the first time we ever go 5 games"(11-8, 6-11, 11-7, 7-11, 11-7)  Great long rallies ensued when these players battle it out.  

A singles the top 4 advance to the semi finals Joshua Kwon, Johan Donan, Jimmy Gao and Michael Desmond.  And in convincing fashion Jimmy Gao defeated Michael Desmond (11-4, 11-5, 11-1). Jimmy represented Alaska in the 2012 and 2014 Arctic Winter Games.  And is posed to join Team Alaska for his 3rd consecutive season in 2016 with tryout in Anchorage starting October this year.  Josh Kwon vs. Jacob Wingard in the A Singles

B singles new comer, Venezuelan Silvia Fegueroa was edged out by Mark Weissler with a matching 3-1 record in the round robin finals of 5 competitors.  But due to their head-to-head match Mark came out victorious.  This year we had a wide range of styles competing.  From Choppers, loopers, blockers and defensive specialists.  Exciting rallies came from all divisions. Josh Kwon and Jimmy Gao take on Mark Weissler and Paul Elliott in the A/B Doubles

A/B doubles the 3 teams started early with a near empty venue at 8:45AM.  But the team of Karl Augesad and Michael Desmond came out slow but came back against Jimmy Gao and Joshua Kwon in the finals.  Michael Desomond was the big winner taking First in Doubles and Second in the A Singles. 

Alaskan Assassins at the 2014 NATT Teams 
Only 153 tables in the spacious venue at the Gaylord Resort in Washington D.C.  finished 3rd in the Division 8A pool at at the NATT Teams in Washington, D.C.   Just missing the semi finals in a 2 way tie for 2nd in our pool with a good 5-2 team record in the pool of 8 teams.  See the results HERE  Check the 2014 JOOLA NA TEAMS in the preliminary Group 2 and Division 8 sections to see the Alaskan Assassins individual match scores.
The team started in division 6 on the first day of preliminary cross-over matches.  Struggling the first day with a disappointing 0-4 team record facing some strong teams above and below our team ratings with players featuring unusual shots and experience.  Karl Augestad, Andy Hutzel, Kyle Yan, Hannoch Marksheld, Robert Hodgson
Alaskans: Andrew Hutzel, Karl Augestad, Kyle Yan were joined by Robert Hodgson and Hannoch Marksheld.  Kyle Yan finished with an impressive 17-5 (win-loss) record with 3 wins over players 100 points over his rating.  So he should get rewarded with an big bump in his USATT rating soon.  Karl was challenged with early round loses against some young and experienced players and finished with a 9-10 record.  
An observation I made about many of the opponents I faced was "you can not judge a book by it's cover".  As the mental part of this sport comes in to play when your mind, confidence and skills get challenged by how you respond to new adversities.  Big events like this is another chance to gain experience by traveling to tournaments out-of-Alaska to see players of similar skill ratings but offering skillful methods of returning and defending.  One round it seems my game was sound then next round it is truly tested with an adaptation to effective offensive coming from the opponent.  Then during breaks between games coming to the aid of our teammate is advice and observations of means to step it up.  Something that we don't practice or have the opportunity when practicing against the same players locally.  One thing is containing unforced errors and NOT second guessing when involved in a rally.  Fundamental skills come in to play with a reinforcement of strong skill development.
Concrete Table Tournament Sept. 15, 2014: @ Delaney Park Strip  Thierry Landeau and Scott Kohlhaas batte in the elements in the Recreational Singles Finals. Theirry won 15-12 in a close exciting match with extended rallies on in to the evening.
A rained soaked outdoor concrete tournament when on as planned with great times and fun.  A ceremonial Ribbon Cutting kicked off the event.   This downtown concrete table was provided by the Anchorage Park Foundation and the Anchorage Parks & Recreation.  The Alaska Table Tennis Club is grateful for this fun community place to exhibit the great sport of table tennis. Special thanks for complementary squeegee & umbrella service by Robert Weigle!!  Participation by 15 players in a single game to 15 points allowed us to finished with some daylight.  Look for June or July in 2015 for the concrete table tournaments. And a daring WINTER event! 
Alaska Dispatch News (PHOTO SLIDE SHOW) Photos by Erik Hill of ADN 2014
See PHOTOS and VIDEOS (Coming soon).
Recreational Singles: 1. Thierry Landeau 15-12 over 2nd place Scott Kohlhaas, 3. Frank Saez  3. Mark Weissler 

Recreational Singles Consolation: 1. Toby Hubbard (15-10) over 2nd place Melinda Tsu,

Minnesota Park Concrete Ping Pong (Table Tennis) Tournament

Held Wed. August 27th outdoors on Minnesota Dr. and W. 35th Ave.  Twenty players participated in a windy but dry event.  Sponsored by the Anchorage Park Foundation, Anchorage Parks & Rec, and the Alaska Table Tennis Club.  Featuring Junior male singles, Recreational Women's Singles, Adult Recreational Singles and Open Championship Singles.  The concrete table was the featured table with 2 supplemental Butterfly match and practice tables nearby.   

Junior Male Singles

1. Harry Weigle (10-12, 11-6, 11-5 over Trout Hartung) 2. Trout Hartung

Adult Female Recreational Singles

1. Mary Nomani (11-8, 11-2 over Myra Sims) 2. Myra Sims (11-4, 11-4 over Melinda Tsu) 3. Melinda Tsu

Adult Female Rec. Consolation Singles

1.Jervette Ward (11-3, 11-0) 2. Danette Weissler

Adult Male Recreational Singles

1. Michael Vanderlunt (12-10, 11-6 over Scott Kohlhaas)

2. Scott Kohlhaas

3. Frank Saez (lost 11-7, 11-6 to Michael Vanderlunt)
3. Thierry Landau (lost 11-8, 11-9 to Scott Kohlhaas)

Adult Male Rec. Consolation Singles

1. Harry Weigle (11-6, 11-6 over Kenneth Ellis) 2. Kenneth Ellis  3. Toby Hubbard (lost 11-5, 2-11, 11-7 to Harry Weigle) 3. Kevin Burr (Lost 14-12, 11-6 to Kenneth Ellis) 

Open Championship Singles

1. Rendy Tan (11-9, 11-8) 2. Karl Augestad

Open championship Singles Consolation

1. Mark Weissler 2. Jose Martignon 


Alaska International Senior Games, Aug. 16-17, 2014, Fairbanks, AK

Senior players Carol and Byron from Salt Lake City, Utah, Ralph and his wife from Las, Vegas, Nevada, Kaz from Alberta, Canada, Karl-Josef Assenmacher from Germany, from California and Ralph Stadelman plays hard bat with super control and consistency.  He was a member of the "Arctic Frost Spin" Team with Zackery Gholston, Alaskans Kyle Yan and Karl Augestad at the 2011 North American Team Championships in Baltimore, MD. 


The Alaska International Senior Games Table Tennis events were Sat & Sun. Aug. 16-17.  Anchorage players, Karl Augestad, Mark Weissler and Dave DeMay made the journey up north and were all in the 55-59 age men's singles.  Karl Augestad took the gold medal with Dave DeMay taking the Silver, The Bronze medal was earned by Rick Robertson of the FITT Club beating Mark Weissler in the Round robin pool and again in the Bronze medal match.  Karl Augestad and Mark Weissler took the silver Metal behind Rick Robertson and Kaz in the 55-50 mens doubles. 

Alaska Yukon ChallengeMay 9 & 10, 2014 Fairbanks, AK

Participants and volunteers in the 2014 Alaska Yukon Challenge in FairbanksThe Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis club hosted one of the best tournaments in Alaska history.  A well organized and attend gathering featuring the Alaska Yukon Challenge Team and Singles in Novice and Open divisions.  A unique handicap tournament where top players start at negative points to the opponents zero.  Racing to best 2 out of 3 and sometimes 3 out of 5 games.  Annually hosted in rotation at Fairbanks, Whitehorse and Anchorage.  Next year in 2015 will be Whitehorse.

Thanks to the main sponsor Mega Reporting, Inc. from Whitehorse for the $1000 donation.  Joyce Bachil and her company Mega Reporting is a super supporter of this annual event.   And this year the Alaska Table Tennisclub out of Anchorage donated $200 to also help with the prize money.  FITT club divided the prize money and tossed in more for almost $1300. in CASH PRIZE MONEY.  Thanks to Paddle Palace for Nittaku 3 star premium balls and the equipment supplier for the Arctic Winter Games committees.  By supplying the funds for the 8 Stiga "Optima 30" tables for the AWG hosted earlier this year in March.  With 4 added Butterfly tables the matches went smoothly with 12 tables.

 PHOTOS Now posted!  Check them out.  Chirk in action at the control desk

Thanks to all your hard work and volunteer time to make this the best AYC ever!  As treasurer and co-tournament director Chirk was in many places for days prior and during.  Plus countless hours of work to make this a truly memorable event.  From moving equipment in the crawl space of his home, operating the control desk, accounting for all the prize money and recording the scores on the display board and operations desk.  Chirk sacrificed his play to help make the Alaska Yukon Challenge a historical experience for all attendees.  Congratulations.

Chirk is awarded the the "Bomb" racket.  A commutative racket used by the award honoring the late Jerry Smith.  Jerry was a founding member of the FITT club and his positive attitude and outstanding sportsmanship symbolized the Spirt of the Game.    

Novice Singles
1st Eric Partyka, Fairbanks (Finals score: Eric vs. Aporn: 11-9,Tomas Brenner and Diann Darnall" 10-12, 11-8)
2nd Aporn Stein, Fairbanks
3rd Tomas Brenner, Yukon
3rd Tyler Slechta, Fairbanks

Open Singles
1st  Karl Augestad, Anchorage (-2) (Finals score: 11-4, 13-11)

2nd Ryan Bachli, WhitehorseFinalist Ryan Bachli and Open singles champion, Karl Augestad

3rd Eric Carvalho, Fairbanks
3rd Diann Darnall, Fairbanks

Novice Team
1st place: Tail Spin (Aporn Stein and Tyler Slechta) Finals 3-0
2nd place: Boys of Pong (Eric Partyka and Nathan Barring)
Novice Team finals scores, Best 3 of 5 Tie:
TaIl Spin vs. Boys of Pong (negative represents the handicap minus start amount) Tyler Slechta and Aporn Steiin, Novice Team Champions
A vs X) Tyler -6 vs Eric (Tyler won: 2-11, 12-10, 11-6, 7-11, 13-11)
B vs Y) Aporn -2 vs Nathan (Aporn won 12-10, 11-8, 11-9)
A/B vs X/Y) Tail Spin -4 vs Boys of Pong (Tail Spin won: 11-7, 0-11, 11-5, 11-8) "The Cadats: Tomas Brenner and Michael Janssen-Brethal" with Diann Darnall
Finals Tie went to Tail Spin 3 matches to 0.

3rd place: East West (Wiu-Mei Zhang and Jim Zheng)
3rd place: Cadets(Thomas Brenner and Michael Janssen-Brethal)

Open Team Karl Augestad and Andrew Kim, Open Team Champions
1st  Arctic Loopers (Karl Augestad and Andrew Kim) Finals 3-0
2nd DEES on Fire (Diann Darnall and Doron Partyka)

Open Team finals scores: Best 3 of 5 Tie:
Arctic Loopers vs. DEES on Fire (negative represents the handicap minus start amount)
Singles: TAABS: Taras Yukly and Abed Rajab
Karl -12 vs Diann,  (Karl won: 11-7, 11-6)
Andrew -10 vs Doron, (Andrew won: 4-11, 11-8, 11-4, 11-8)
Arctic Loopers vs DEES on Fire (Arctic Loopers won: 0-11, 11-9, 13-11, 11-9)
Tie went to Arctic Loopers 3 matches to 0

3rd TAABS (Taras Yukly and Abed Rajab) 
3rd DePayuhs (Dave DeMay and TomDeLong) 


FEBRUARY 2014 and MARCH 2014 OPEN, Anchorage, AK 

Group shot of the players in the March 2014 tournament. Many participants had little tournament experience and this smaller event was good prep for the Big one in October 2014.


Open Singles: 1st: Karl Augestad (Anchorage), 2nd: Paul Elliott (Anchorage), 3rd: Kyle Yan (Anchorage), 4th: Jimmy Gao (Homer)

A Singles: 1st: Paul Elliott, 2nd: Jimmy Gao, 3rd: Mike Mann (Anchorage), 4th: Brant Bennett (UAA)

B Singles: 1st: Brant Bennett, 2nd: Mark Weissler (Anchorage), 3rd: Mike Mann , 4th: Joshawa Kwon (UAA) 

C Singles: 1st: Lian Lincoln (Goldenview MS, Anchorage), 2nd: Joshawa Kwon, 3rd: Eric Lee (Anchorage), 4th: Min Kim (Anchorage), 5th Gretchen Wehmhoff (Eagle River) 

A/C Doubles: 1st: Jimmy Gao & Lian Lincoln, 2nd: Paul Elliott & Mark Weissler, 3rd: Eric Lee and Kyle Yan, 4th: Karl Augestad and Gretchen Wehmhoff, 5th: Brant Bennett and Min Kim 

 Complete 2014 Alaska Tournament Schedule Click HERE


ALASKANS at the 2013 Pac Rim Tournament, Portland, OR

Pac Rim hosts 30 tables for 2 days the first weekend of November

Karl Augestad, Kyle Yan & Paul Elliott at the Tualiltin Hills Parks & Rec Center in Beaverton, OR

An exciting Pac Rim 2013 in Beaverton featured some top athletes from Canada and the USA.  Alaskans Paul Elliott, Kyle Yan, Jane Parrish, Jamo Parrish and Karl Augestad competed in 10 various events over the 2 days in November.

Sponsored by the Portland Table Tennis club and the Paddle Palace.  The Pac Rim TTT is considered one of the top TTT in the Northwest USA. With 23 different divisions for all skill levels and ages.  Canadian players come in from Vancouver BC and attendees from Washington, California, Oregon, Montana and the Mid-west play for cash and trophies. This will be Karl's 5th appearance at the Pac Rim and Kyle's and Paul's first. 


One of the objectives of traveling to various USATT sanctioned tournaments in the states is to test our skills among other top players to see if we are worthy for an upgrade or downgrade of our rating.  Our wins and losses adjusts our USATT rating number.  And the higher the rating .  The Alaskans are isolated from easily competing against strong players to obtain the change to boost or standing.  As the only way we can even move upward is to travel to events like this to take on players we could never face in the north.

Paul, Kyle, Dennis Boeger and Karl Augestad. Dennis and Karl were teammates in the 1982 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks.

Kyle played in Open, U2300, U2100 and U1900 division singles.  And paired with Karl in the U4000 doubles.  For Kyle the singles events featured round robin preliminary pools of 4 players with the top finisher advancing to a single elimination playoff.  We all knew our best opportunity was to advance was the U1900 division.  But the others events are used as great opportunities to face players above our ratings to score an upset and gain a bump in our rankings.  In the Open singles he faced the 2nd seeded player Hao Guo from California, rated 2562.  A player we watched the day before at the Pure Pong in the Pearl coaching George Wang.  Impressive skill as he "barked" out directions in Chinese in an intense 90 minute workout.  On game day Mr. Gua was unaware of Klye's special anti rubber and he did not take the time to exam it prior to the start of the match.  Thus Kyle came out of the gate with an early first game upset win.  But with great skill comes great experience and the ability to adapt quickly.  A quality we are all working on improving.  Kyle exchanged good rallies and faced the pressure well. But Mr. Guo's forehand wide prove effective.  

In a match just prior in the open singles Kyle faced Wucheng Tao, rated 1997 from Washington state.  Kyle was eager to capitalize on the opportunity and scored a big win securing added rating points.  Their rating spread is over 150 rating points and by Paul's calculations a 40 point ratings boost.  Thus this is why I remind the Alaskans when entering tournaments to enter as many divisions as they are eligible for.  If your goal is to get better then take the opportunity when offered.  In tournaments like this even with 4-5 events there are sometimes only two or three changes out of 15 matches.

Paul Elliott has tournament experience in North Carolina and knew he too had limited changes as well.  But facing the slightly lower level players proved to be his most challenging.  Facing many strong 1500 and 1600 level players they too are eager to face us.  And the pressure can be tough.  But his primary objective to enjoy himself never wavered as his attitude held strong.  He to knowing that this is just ONE tournament and other opportunities will come up again.  Both he and Kyle mentioned they want to start looking ahead to 2014 and the North American Teams during Thanksgiving weekend on the east coast.  A tournament where the format proves the best for advancement with plenty of matchups over the 3 day marathon!

Karl was Alaska's top finisher with a strong 2nd in the Under 1900 Singles in a field of 38 players.  Edged out by 12 year old David Lin from Vancouver, BC Canada.  A strong lefty with solid deceptive serves and a relentless offense attack.  Upending Karl (11-1, 11-7, 7-11, 11-6) awarding David the $300 first place cash.  An amount that likely will be quickly applied to his continued coaching.  Karl took home $150 for his efforts as the runner up. Karl also finished tied for 3rd loosing to the eventual winner Travis Eiles in the 50 & over singles semi finals.  A great effort coming back from an 0-2 deficient to tie it up and face off in a 5th game battle.  But came up a bit exhausted at the end in his 20th match of the tournament in a nearly empty gym on the sole table at nearly 5PM.  Travis was just too steady and Karl forced a bit too much at the end.  In a better match than his finals that followed in a 3 game sweep against Phil Schock.   On Saturdays prelim round robin in the under 2100 singles Karl upset Jay Crystal, rated 2088 from Oregon.  A match that was oddly easier than expected likely as Jay's  Yet was unable to fend off friend and rival Judy Lau from Seattle, Washington in a solid shutout 3-0.  Karl faced 5 players in the 2 days which he had face before in past Pac Rim visits.    

More to come later.

Entry & Info: /pacrim2013entry.htm


Cade Loving and Brant Bennett winners of B/C Doubles, Cade also finished 2nd in B Singles.OPEN Drop-in Table Tennis


Fall Tournament and Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Results

A singles winner Jimmy Gao and Andrew Kim, Both 2012 AWG team Alaska members.Philip Pugay smacks a backhand. Paired up with Mark Weissler they finished 2nd in the B/C Doubles. (SEE PHOTOS HERE)

Great turnout of 33 entries in 10 divisions as plenty of new players attended the full day event.  Attendees from Juneau, Eagle River, JBER Military base, Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley came to play on 12 tables at the AT&T Sports Pavilion new wood floor.

Video Highlights Open Singles & Doubles & A Single (Click HERE) Edited & recorded by: Taylor Hamilton

Video Highlights from Fall Open TTT

FULL ALASKA TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE HERE Anchorage, Fairbanks and Elsewhere Alaskans will be entering.

Vang vs. Gil during the Fall 2013 Tournament at ATTSP



Cade Loving and Brant Bennett winners of B/C Doubles, Cade also finished 2nd in B Singles.OPEN Drop-in Table Tennis


Fall Tournament and Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska Results

A singles winner Jimmy Gao and Andrew Kim, Both 2012 AWG team Alaska members. (SEE PHOTOS HERE)

Great turnout of 33 entries in 10 divisions as plenty of new players attended the full day event.  Attendees from Juneau, Eagle River, JBER Military base, Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley came to play on 12 tables at the AT&T Sports Pavilion new wood floor.

Video Highlights Open Singles & Doubles & A Single (Click HERE) Edited & recorded by: Taylor Hamilton

Video Highlights from Fall Open TTT


SAT. OCTOBER 19, 2013 

Open Singles: 1. Rendy Tan, 2. Kyle Yan, 3. Karl Augestad 3. Yuriy Solovyov

Women's Singles: 1. Mary Nomani, 2. Gretchen Wehmhoff, 3. Young Sun Elliott, 4. Erin Sivitz, 5. Danette Weissler

A Singles: 1. Jimmy Gao, 2. Andrew Kim, 3. Paul Elliott, 3. Kyle Yan

B Singles: 1. Mark Weissler, 2. Cade Loving, 3. Mike Mann, 3. Sabastien Wetterlin

B/C Doubles: 1. Brant Bennett/Cade Loving, 2. Philip Pugay/Mark Weissler, 3. Justin Carrioaburu/Ben Kumor, 4. Derek Stone/Jake Stone

Open Doubles: 1. Chidi Nwokorie/Rendy Tan, 2.Karl Augestad/Kyle Yan, 3. Paul Elliott/Jimmy Gao, 4. Andrew Kim/Yuriy Soloyov

Juvenile Female Singles: 1. Melanie Chaffey, 2. Erin Sivitz      

Juvenile Male Singles: 1. Jimmy Gao, 2, Derek Stone, 3. Elijah Kim, 4. Jake Stone

Junior Female Singles: 1. Heather Woodhouse

Junior Male Singles: 1. Nathan Klein, Jacob Thibobeau, Bryce Foster, 4.Dylan Bruce


(Blog entry here)

ENTRY FORM HERE (download PDF file)

Continue to come out and PLAY 2-3 times a week in Anchorage: calendar for open play dates/times

Juneau Juniors, Nathan Klein and Jacob Thibodeau came to compete. Strong finishers in the Junior Male Singles.Team Alaska:  2 Junior Females and  2 Junior Males (born in 1996 or later)  and  2 Juvenile Females and 2 Juvenile Males (born in 1999 or later)  

Websites: Arctic Winter Games   and   Team Alaska

FAIRBANKS TO HOST Arctic Winter Games, March 15-22, 2014

Arctic Winter Games Contact info: Bill Cotton, email: and (907)440-1392.   

Tournament Director: Karl Augestad, email: or (907)360-4276



Alaska Seniors Athletes Bring Home Medals


Seven Table Tennis competitors from Alaska competed in the four-day (October 7-10) Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah.  Over 160 players competed for the medals in the Table Tennis Event.Photo: L-R Back row: Tim McLeod, Dave DeMay, Bob Janes, Jamo Parrish L-R front row: Diann Darnall, Jane Parrish, Carol Johnson

Jane Parrish and Carol Johnson of Fairbanks battled it out in the 65-69 Division with Jane taking the Silver Medal and Carol the Bronze Medal.  Yoko Wilcox of Englewood, Co took the Gold. Jane and Carol teamed up to take the Gold Medal in the Women’s Doubles 65-69 Division.  Johnson partnered with Bob Janes of Juneau to ease out the Bronze Medal in the 65-69 Mixed Doubles. Over Jane and Jamo Parrish who finished fourth. 

Diann Darnall of Fairbanks took the Silver Medal in the Women’s Singles 60-64 Division. Yali Carpenter of Peoria, AZ took the Gold.  In Women’s Doubles 60-64 Darnall partnered with Carpenter to take the Gold.  In Mixed Doubles 60-64, Darnall partnered with Tim McLeod of Juneau to finish with a Bronze Medal.  The Gold Medal went to Dennis Keppen of Sun City AZ and Yali Carpenter of Peoria, AZ.  The team of Ray Mack of Rochester, NY and Carolyn Adams of Dunedin, Fl took the Silver.

Diann Darnall won six straight matches to make it to the finals in the Rated Singles 1400-1599.  Darnall finished with the silver in a 3-2 game match with Allan Ferrenberg of Reno, NV.

Tim McLeod of Juneau took the Bronze Medal in the Rated Singles 1200-1399.

The Alaskans warmed up for the Huntsman Games by participating in the Nevada Senior Games Table Tennis Tournament.  Jane Parrish took the Gold in Women’s Singles 65-69 Division.  Jane teamed up with Carol Johnson to take the Gold in Women’s Doubles.  Jane and Jamo Parrish took the Bronze in the Mixed Doubles 65-69 Division.

Diann Darnall took the Silver Medal in Women’s Singles 60-65 Division behind her doubles partner Yali Carpenter.  Darnall and Carpenter took the Gold in Women’s Doubles. Darnall and Dave DeMay of Eagle River took the Gold Medal in the Mixed Doubles 55-59 Division.

Carol Johnson was delighted with her first Table Tennis Tournaments out-side of Alaska. She enjoyed meeting new friends, improving her skills, and inviting athletes to come to Fairbanks for the 2014 Alaska International Senior Games next August.

The Huntsman World Senior Games hosts over 10,000 athletes 50+ for a two-week period in October each year.  Participants compete in 27 athletic events and come from Japan to Sweden and from Alaska to Australia, where peace among nations is fostered through friendly competition.  For more information of the Huntsman World Senior Games go to

To find out more about the Alaska International Senior Games go to

Photo: L-R Back row: Tim McLeod, Dave DeMay, Bob Janes, Jamo Parrish

L-R front row: Diann Darnall, Jane Parrish, Carol Johnson


Linda (Boyd's Daughter) and Boyd Bennett the birthday boy

Long time Alaskan Table Tennis Coach, Boyd Bennett turns 85 year old.  SeeUPDATED MORE PHOTOS here of Birthday celebration in Eagle River on Sat. Sept. 14th.  Family and friends gave tribute to the founder of the Anchorage Table Tennis club from 1970 to the early 80's.  Present were Boyd's wife, Shirley, daughter Linda, grandson Brant, Andy Hutzel, Kyle Yan, Paul Elliott and Karl Augestad.  His seed set the foundation to growth of table tennis in Alaska.  He is Alaska's first inductee in the Alaska Table Tennis Hall of Fame!  He was a GOLD Ulu winner in men's singles in 1970 and former Alaska Open Singles Champion.  Played over seas in the Europe and in the military.  His back hand flick was feared by all agles.  See a neat interview back in 2012 by Karl Augestad at the "Parlor" above his garage!  (VIDEO INTERVIEW CLICK HERE)

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Anchorage Park Foundation 1st Annual Ping Pong Tournament 

Thanks to the Anchorage Park Foundation for hosting the first annual Minnesota Park Outdoor Ping Pong Rain or Shine the event went on. Splashy play back and forth with plenty of close matchups. Tournament on Monday August 19, 2013.  Held to celebrate the new concrete ping pong table at (you guessed it) Minnesota Park on (you guessed it) Minnesota Drive.  In a "Final Four" type bracket 32 players braved the elements to play not only against their opponent, but also against Mother Nature.  RAIN!  Yes it was wet but fun.

Several subsitutes filled for no-show players.  Plenty of players showed up to fill the wet shoes.  Including Paul Elliott from the AKTTC.  The first round of matches took just over an hour with a single game to 11 point, serving rotation every 2 points and swapping sides at the first to 5 points.  See the PHOTOS and FINAL RESULTS HERE  


1st Annual Minnesota Park Ping Pong Champion, Karl Augestad

Steel net, wet and yet still lots of fun


Informative and fun Table Tennis VIDEOS Henry is a traveler who loves the game. Oregon, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Utah, Washington he loves to play. Suggested by Henry Blankenship.  Longtime friend of Alaskan, Andy Hutzel.  Partners in their World Record Table Tennis Endurance many years ago.

The fight against Alzheimer’s with table tennis: 

Video of step by step way "How it is Made" Nittaku Table Tennis Balls:

JO Waldner’s Power of the Block:

Alaska Yukon Challenge  set for May 10 & 11, 2013 at the AT & T Sports Pavilion. Team and Singles events with $1000. in Prize Money & Trophies.  Thakns to Whitehorse Sponsor: Mega Reporting, Inc.,

Jimmy Gao & Chidi N., Open Team Champions, $200 for 1st place in the 2013 Alaska Yukon Challenge

Mark Weissler & Cade Loving, Novice Team Champs, AK-Yukon Challenge 2013 big break in activity at the AT & T Sports Pavilion as the venue gets a NEW WOOD FLOOR.  Activity resumes September 15th and later.



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