Excited about the new wood floor at the AT&T Sports Pavilion

Floor requires 2 full days of curing of the new finishing on the surface.If you have not played in a while now is the best chance to experience the thrill and excitement of the sport on a beautiful new wood floor at the AT & T Sports Pavilion in South Anchorage.  The Alaska Table Tennis Club's home had just got a facelift.  With nearly 6 weeks of construction to removal and install the wood floor that rivals any surface in the state!

First appearance the gym actually looks larger and brighter.  Wood is a great surface for footing in table tennis and offer outstanding traction.  Some of the top world tournaments have been played on wood and most tournaments today have wood under the rubberized floor.  Great feel and bounce when pivoting for the ball.  

So bring your gym shoes and be ready for some great action.  See the new court policy and guidelines.  One word of caution is bring a small cloth or towel for traction issues if the floor gathers dust during play.  A brief touch of the wet towel layed next to the table will offer better traction on extreme movements side-to-side.  

Come out and play!


Outdoor ping pong tournament 8/19/13


Check out the 1st Annual Minnesota Park Ping Pong Tournament set for Monday August 19th at 5:30pm. Rain, wind or shine come out and play and watch the action.

Entry link below: limited to 32 and as of 8/12/13 there were 11 spots open.

The Anchorage Park Foundation presents the first annual Minnesota Park Outdoor Ping Pong Tournament to celebrate the new concrete ping pong table at (you guessed it) Minnesota Park on (you guessed it) Minnesota Drive. You will play not only against your opponent, but also against Mother Nature as her gale force winds whip down the Minnesota corridor. Just kidding. That doesn’t happen.

WHEN: Monday, August 19th at 5:30 PM.
WHERE: Minnesota Park, on Minnesota Drive and 36th, just north of Spenard
FORMAT: Games to 11, 3 serves at a time, win by 2. (We want the tournament over by 7.)
FOOD: Pizza
FRIENDS: All are welcome, even if they are not playing ping pong. Bring your spouses, kids, dogs, enemies.
PRIZES: There will be prizes for the top 3 finishers. Nice ones.
REGISTRATION: There will only be 32 spots available. Fill out this form below or click this link:


ITTF North American Cup, Westchester Table Tennis Club, New York

April 20, 2013

Writing this email as the players from Canada and the USA Westchester TT club in New York. Andy's top club for many reasons!begin filing into the Westchester Table Tennis club at 7:30 am.  I can now state, after visiting approximately 30 table tennis clubs around the country, on this trip, that the Westchester TTC is the very best.  THE WESTCHESTER TABLE TENNIS CLUB IS THE VERY BEST.

The rhythmical sound of two top players hitting the ball is now filling the room.  Will Shortz and Robbie Roberts have been extremely busy getting ready for this ITTF event, however they found time to make sure I had a place to park the VW Eurovan, just outside the main entrance, a shower and great food.  I forgot how good a piece of New York pizza tastes, the slice of pizza that is so thin you have to fold it over so the cheese and sauce don't slide off.

Will & Robbie gave me a key to their club and asked if I'd open early this morning....of course!  They (Will & Robbie) will be visiting Alaska TT Clubs while Susanne and I are in Denmark.  And, of course, they are anxious to visit our great state.  Will Shortz especially mentioned Boyd & Shirley Bennett's club in Ealge River.  Yesterday at lunch Will wondered why they closed their club.  I told him it was a temporary situation and would most likely open again as more players are coming out of retirement.

Please go to for live streaming of the North America Cup, you may see me in the crowd.  This competition will be also live streamed on the web site.  I believe, it's been almost two decades since the USA has hosted an ITTF event, glad the timing of this trip was perfect so I was able to have this experience.

This morning Richard Lee, of North American Table Tennis Association, said he'd sponsor me when I'm ready to do another one of these road trips......!  Anyone interested? 

Best regards,



Lilly Yip's Table Tennis Training Center, Dunallen, New Jersey.

April 17, 2013

Last email I was headed to Pottsville, Pennsylvania for an informal family reunion, sister Deb and her husband Jim Hess were driving in from New Hampshire, so it was a nice gathering at our grandfather and grandmother, Wysal and Justina Hutzel's, grave at the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church Cemetery, Minersville, PA.  George Hutzel (Uncle George) wasn't looking very well, so two days later he was admitted to hospital.  Three days later into an assisted living arrangement, which Uncle George accepted willingly.  At 92 years's for the best.

Yesterday arriving at the Lily Yip's Table Tennis Training Center, another fantastic facility.  Two levels of rubber matted flooring, DHS table, excellent lighting.  The price is $12.00 per day for non-members...and well worth every penny.  Lilly has made sure I have someone to play all the can be exhausting especially since I've had almost two weeks of not playing and eating that wonderful Polish/Ukrainian food of the Pennsylvania coal country. 

This morning played for three hours with local club members and soon I'll begin an hour of training with a young Chinese coach Lilly brought over from China only three weeks ago.  I'm sure he'll remember this day, playing a 65 year old hard-bat player and tonight he's scheduled to play Aerial Hsing.  Aerial is in New Jersey to take a tour of Princeton University and check out the local ping pong clubs.  She still wants to keep her game at a high level while attending a university, also Lilly's son (Adam) and daughter (Judy) are here every evening.  $50 per hour and you can train with Adam, Judy, or Lilly.  Also, Lilly's club is less than two hours from Pottsville, and 45 minutes from New York City.

This weekend I'll be at the Westchester Club in Pleasanton, New York to watch the ITTF event.  Spring has finally arrived in the northeast and temperatures are rising. 

Please see attached photo and hope you are all well.



Rating after Broward, Florida tournament ... 1849

April 7, 2013

Maybe there is an over 1900 to 2000 level in me.... Winning the Alaska Yukon Challenge Open Team event in 2011. Signing of the "Birchwood Bowl" just have to work harder, or maybe learn to play with inverted?